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[Domuya] Flexi All-Stars Dream Package 2010

Jan 17, 2010

    1. Hi Everyone~
      Domuya wishes everyone a Happy 2010! :goldstar

      Do you guys remember the Dream Package that Domuya had in 2007 and it swept everyone off their feet?

      It has been 2.5 years and Domuya has decided to to make it a even MORE FUN, MORE ATTRACTIVE and MORE of a BARGAIN for everyone this year!

      Please do not let this chance slip by and without further hesitation, here is what we have brought to you for 2010!


      What do we mean by Flexi "All-stars"?

      Well, for the term "Flexi", I am sure many would have know that it refers to our Domuya Flexi Body! And in this promotion, we have brought forward the following doll lines:

      (A) Male Flexi Perennial (64-68cm)
      (B) Female Flexi Perennial (64-68cm)
      (C) D1 Flexi 2 Female Body (60cm)

      And then of course, what do we mean by "All Stars"?

      With any of the body (A-C) purchase, you are entitled to free doll heads! And you can imagine the category of doll heads that are available for selection:

      Standard Doll heads from Perennial Line
      (1) D1 Flexi Perennial Saisha,
      (2) D1 Flexi Perennial Ida,
      (3) D1 Flexi Perennial Alice
      (4) D1 Flexi Perennial Venturo

      Yet to release Doll heads from Perennial Line

      (5) D1 Flexi Perennial Luke
      (6) D1 Flexi Perennial Taka

      Special Dream Package Event Head 2010
      (7) Alpha The Werewolf

      Face Plate System Head for Flexi 2 Female Body
      (8) Fin
      (9) Faith
      (10) Mona

      So you get what I mean? This is a wide selection of heads from our 'Star Album"!

      With a reduced body price of 35%, that means, a body would only cost USD$253 NOW, you will get up to 2 heads for being the 1st 50 customers, and free makeup that is USD$35. And whats more?! A 30% discount off coupon + Priority Queue Coupon for our "Nightmare" Project"! Just this 30% off coupon, it will already give you savings of USD$270!

      So right now, all you need to pay is USD$253 and but you will get a goodie bag that is worth up to USD$995!

      Body Original Price = USD$390
      2 Doll heads = USD$300
      Free Faceup = USD$35
      30% off Nightmare Project = USD$270
      Total Package Price = USD$995

      I can't believe anybody would give this a miss! It is a rare chance!~

      Please hurry and grab yours today as the earlier you purchase, the more goodies you have!

      A brief introduction to some of the "Domuya Stars":

      Sample Photo of "Alpha" the Werewolf

      Sample Photo of "Faith" on face plate system made for D1 Flexi 2

      Sample Photo of "Yet to release" D1 Flexi Perennial Standard "Luke"

      Sample photo of "Yet to release" Flexi Perennial Standard "Taka"

      Sample photo of "Yet to release" D1 Flexi 2 Standard "Mona" (Face plate system)

      For more information and purchase, please visit: www.domuya.net

      Thank you for you time!~ :D
    2. no images or links to web site for me using both Google Chrome or IE.
    3. Works fine with Chrome for me.
    4. I wonder, if I purchased the Flexi 2 body and I am probably one of the 1st 50 customers, will it be possible to chose as a Standard head, the Ida head from Perennial Line?
    5. you say usd 253 but on the website is usd 334 so which is correct?
    6. 334 SGD, not USD.
    7. Do we get to choose the free heads, or are they random?
    8. Seems to work ok from IE but not Mozilla
    9. I had no problem from Firefox
    10. When does this event end? I searched website too, and I can't find anywhere stating how long the promotion lasts...
    11. Is a free makeup option only for the first 50 customers? Or is it only for the second head for the first 50?
      *edit* And is it possible to get Mona on the Flexi 2, or not until she is released, and if so when will she be released? Her head isn't an option in the menu.
    12. Hi Otaku,
      Maybe you can try clearing your cache and cookie history? Our server is located in the US and hence, there shouldn't be any browsing problem within the states itself.

      I am using Firefox & Safari myself and there isn't any problem.

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    13. Thanks!~ ;)

    14. Yes you will be! And the good news is, you'll still be in the 1st 50 dolls adoption if you place your order soon enough! Once the first 50 dolls have been adopted, we will announce it on our main page (www.domuya.net). Just like we did in 2007! :D
    15. You get to make the choice from my listed 10 stars above!~ :goldstar
    16. so once 50 dolls r gone promotion ends?
    17. Hi Akiou,
      Sorry! We had this on another promo page which we end up not using.
      The promotion will end on the 13th Feb 2010! :)
    18. The free makeup rebate (customer would still need to pay for it first in the order) will be available for the 1st 100 dolls adopted.

      Once the promotion is over, the amount paid for the makeup will be credited back electronically as a gift certificate back into your account which you can use it against any purchase in Domuya.

      However, if you are not within the first 100 dolls adopted or you did not select for makeup option during your order placed, you will not be eligible for this FREE rebate.

      Yes, you are able to get Mona 2 on Flexi 2. All the 2nd heads that are free (that means, for the first 50 dolls adopted), are not in the option menu. This will be processed manually through email.

      Or if you wish, you can give up your LIMITED head choice for the 1st free head and then opt for Mona right away. If not, (as now the first 50 dolls are still available), you can select either "Alpha", "Fin" and "Faith" as the 1st head and "Mona" as the 2nd head.

      The Limited heads in this case, Alpha, Fin & Faith are not in the standard category. So you can't choose 2 heads from the Limited category.

      I hope this is clear enough, if not, please feel free to ask again. ;)
    19. Nope. It is not that the first 50 dolls are gone, and that is the end of the promotion. The first 50 dolls has the most goodie as compared to the number 51th-100th or 100th onwards.

      The promotion will end on the 13th Feb 2010. :bellcookie
    20. Working fine now... how odd.