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Domuya Flexi body Fin and Faith

Sep 4, 2009

    1. I posted about this too:


      Sadly, I cannot order until the 11th (le sob! Le boo hoo!) But then I am DEFINITELY getting one. I am a bit disappointed that the model doll legs will not fit them, but that is just how it goes.

      Now I need to decide between Normal or Beauty White skin tone... anyone have any comparison shots?

      Jen 8)
    2. I sooooo want the new body only for my Fin that I have now, this new body is such a HUGE improvement. I do hope that they sell it separately in the future.
    3. i was waiting for this body for a long time...
      it is really nice, but i have to get use to the kinda wierd wait joint .
      they have posted more pictures in the haute doll issue of october...
      does any one have this issue already, i kinda hope to see some of these pictures, maybe someone could scan them? :aheartbea

      i'm stil debating of getting another finn (i got two on the first relaese, but i sold the head, and sometimes misses her, as i had so many ideas for the sculpt...)

    4. yes this body is an update for the d60- flexi body and that is 60 cm...
      flexi perrinial is a different sort of body and is indeed 64 till 68 cm...

      i'm still hoping to see some scans of the domuya flexi 2 article in haute doll september/oktober..

      i like this doll, but i want to see some extra pictures of that waist joint...

      i'm the lucky owner of a faith christmas package and thus, i have 50% coupon, wich i'm going to need as i have 6 floating heads, and some more that i would love to own...sigh...
      it's a shame that the shipping is so expensive...blerg 260 usd for 3 bodiers and one fin...