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Domuya Flexi body for minis?

Sep 1, 2006

    1. I emailed Domuya yesterday, asking if they plan on bringing out a line of flexi bodies for minis and this was their reply :

      So, if any of you guys have been dreaming of a domuya flexi body for your minis, it's a good idea to start a petition or poll i guess :3
    2. Did anyone ever start a poll for this? ^^;;
    3. I'd certainly sign up for a poll/petition - I've heard great things about the Domuya Flexis.
    4. I want a flexi mini girl from them! Sign me up!
    5. Oh my god.. !! <3 Mini flexi bodies!! I've heard/seen VERY good things about them bods!
    6. Wow I didn't notice someone replied after a while XD

      but no, no one had a petition up i think^^; I want one too, but I'm kinda preoccupied to start one^^;;

      But yes. I -so- want a mini flexi body.

      Anyone'd like to start? :D
    7. I would love a mini-flexi body, especially if it were more Unoa/Narae/Minifee sized than the regular childlike MSD. :aheartbea
    8. I would love a "mature" mini-flexi body too. White-skin preferred.
    9. Do we have a domuya rep here on the forum?

      And that's a good point. People seem to like having mature MSDs more and more these days.
    10. we'll have a poll. i can relay to Domuya.
    11. Oh that's cool~
      And I see that you're quite a domuya fan. Do you know how mature/boyish are their mini's bodies?
    12. The smallest Flexi they have at the moment is BOBO & Poppouri. I had a BOBO before & he poses wonderful & was "silent" at all the joints.
      Domuya does not have a 42cm/45cm flexi yet.
      but right now their MSD size bodies already have great postures.
      Their MSD bodies are more mature, no baby fat.
      so i think if they ever have an MSD size flexi body it'll be really good.

      i got their ver. 2 standard male body & he's already posing really really great & his body features are beautiful.
      i like Domuya dolls bcos i used to see them alot when their showroom was still opened in Singapore. Photos does not do them Domuya dolls justices. So when i can see them in real i fall in love with them. their qualities are good.
    13. Ah, I'm also interested in a mini flexi body! (I actually really want a 60cm one 'cos they sound so good, but I have more plans for minis than SD-sized dolls. ^_^; )
    14. I would be particulary interested in a Flexi Mini in pinky white. Do we know if the busoms will be in more than one size?
    15. I'd be willing to pay an extra $20 for a mini flexi body. IIRC $20 extra is what the 60cm bodies are.
    16. the domuya white are true with with pinky kind of tone. not ugly hard to match yellowish or greenish.
      for eg. it can also go with iplehouse whites.
      nice cean clear whites.
    17. i'd go for a mini flexi too
    18. I would be very very interested in one if they made them sort of minifee scale! I'd happily shell out extra for it too. Does anyone know if there's a petition or poll running anywhere yet ?
    19. They've made one now, yes???

      Any one have pictures or a link to the site?
    20. I know they made a tiny (30cm) size flexi, but I've yet to see the mini version anywhere, does anyone know if it's been released yet?