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Domuya Flexi-Body - what can they wear?

Dec 26, 2006

    1. Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place.

      I've been looking into getting one of Domuya's One 60cm female dolls with the flexi body for some time now. I was wondering if anyone knows if it fits in Dollmore's SD outfits. Domuya's website has some size information but only for the standard female body, not the flexi one. And considering the cost of the Dollmore clothes I'm attracted to I'm hoping I won't find out they don't fit by purchasing them and trying them on a doll (if/when I get one).

      If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Even if it's just hints at companies aside from Domuya that sell clothing that fits Domuya bodies.
    2. I have a Flexibody with a Iplehouse head, and the clothes I have barely fit this body. Her chest is really HUGE so trying to button any shirts are a nightmare! I thought Lishe had big boobs, but I was wrong.
    3. Thanks for your reply. Since you have the flexi body maybe you can answer another question I have about them. For shoes what kind of shoes will fit the flexi body? Would most SD shoes work? Or are there other sizes as well like SD16 or Hound shoes?
    4. I ordered a pair of SD13 girl shoes for my girl body, once they get here I will try them on and let you know how they fit. The measurements are on the website and I was using that info for shoes.
    5. My daughter's Olivia is on a Domuya FlexiBody -- her hips are more slender than Luts girls, so pants/skirts can be loose . . . I haven't had an issue with tops fitting her, though. Mainly, I just try to put her in longer shirts so that the loose waist doesn't show. In dresses, it's not a problem at all :)


      -- Andi <3
    6. Thank you so much! I'm really trying to get the hang of all the sizing and issues and things like that. Since your daughter has a Domuya FlexiBody doll maybe you can help me with the other question of mine. Shoe sizes...any that you've found fit really well? I keep seeing boots I like that are SD13/Hound would those work or should I keep in my head to just look at SD sized shoes?

      I really appreciate the help.
    7. That would be awesome if you could let me know. I really appreciate the help/advice.
    8. SD/SD13-sized girl shoes will work fine (Hound or SD13-boy shoes will be way too big.) Thus far, she's been able to wear every pair of girl shoes I've put on her -- my girls trade shoes a lot. The jointed foot means that she can wear the "SD13 high-heel part" type shoes, too . . . so she's very versatile in terms of what shoes she can wear :>

      -- Andi <3
    9. I'm thinking of getting a Domuya Flexibody doll. Not sure if it will be a girl or a boy. What clothing fits the Domuya Flexibody, besides Domuya's brand of clothing?
    10. So far as I know, and I don't own one, they take normal clothing, i.e., the c.60cm doll takes 'sd' clothing.

      I haven't heard anything about their being especially bulky or slender.

      Maybe try the Measurement thread, and compare to Domuya's own measurements of their doll. (Measurement thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1725)

      Ann in CT
    11. I'm expecting to get my Domuya Fay flexi-body doll this week so I'll let you know about the clothes question. They do sell the 60 cm doll clothes same as for the regular-body dolls on the website. I'm hoping it will be easier to put the clothes on the dolls. I'll know soon enough :fangirl:
    12. i'm thinking of getting a domuya D-1 fay with flexi body to... so if someone could post pictures i'd love you to death...

      they are a realitivly normal build right? just different joints and whatnot? if thier 60cm shouldn't that fit the 60cm clothing? *confused*
    13. I have a girl body and normal 60cm clothes fit her just fine. Stuff made for Delf girls fits closer to the Flexi waist than stuff made for Volks girls does, but it all looks fine. You didn't ask, but same goes for shoes, & Luts girl shoes (which can run small) fit well.
    14. Do they? I'd like to know because I'm planning on buying one with an outit from KK Workshop.
    15. I've been searching this issue and saw somewhere that they fit Elfdoll and SD13 clothes, but I don't know this absolutely. If anyone can give answers please do!
    16. I think there are two different answers, though: do you mean Domuya Flexi-body girls, or Domuya Flexi-Perennial girls?

      The Flexi-Perennials are the tall ones.

      The (slightly) older Flexi-body girls are roughly SD/SD13 size.
    17. I have a Sophie on a flexi-body and she is slightly smaller than my Elfdolls. Smaller butt, smaller waist, smaller bust. She fits in most, but not all of Tonners American Model cloths but NOT the pants - her thighs are too large. Most things that are not tightly fitted at the waist fit her nicely but I do have to watch her hand size going through sleeves. As for my Sooah clothing - I have moved snaps etc. DOn't have any SD13 sized girls but she does not fit in my Volks SD sized clothing. Hope this helps some.
    18. Hi Everyone

      I am excitedly waiting for the arrival of my first doll!! While waiting, I have been scouring the web and this forum to find information on the following:-

      1) What wig size will fit the Sophie head? I cant seem to find the dimension of the head on Domuya's website nor anywhere else.

      2) What clothes size? I was told by Domuya that "any 60cm doll clothes will fit". But I have been checking and noticed that the measurements of 60cm female dolls do vary a bit.

      Any information volunteered is very very much appreciated!! Thanks! :fangirl:
    19. Hi Everyone

      I am also waiting for the arrival of two flexi bodies - 1 male - 1 female.

      Can you tell me, which heads I can use that fit the colour of flexi-bodies

      As many as possible.

      Thank you