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[Domuya] Life Project #4 - Savon The wildlife Conservationist

Dec 15, 2009

    1. Dear Fans :hollyberry,

      Its the time of the month again! After having encounters with our previous 3 Life Project Ambassadors:

      (A) Drui - The Forest Keeper

      (B) Aria - The Tide Guardian

      (C) Sera - The Sky Guardian

      Who do you think is the next ambassador to pass the message about "Saving our Mother Planet Earth", caring and nurturing her?

      Having covered the messages of "Stop Excessive Deforestation", "Stop Sea Pollution", "Stop Air Pollution" and this month, we are going to talk about "Stop Wildlife Hunting"! We think that this is going to be a very special and well-loved topic! Since, many of the endangered species are actually very CUTE animals! :fangirl:

      So without future delay, let me present to you, this month "Dec" Special: Savon - The Wildlife Conservationist!


      Savon is going to take you on an expedition into the Savannah! In there, you can see Savon at work in protecting the wildlife and how he hunts the hunter, in return! :lol:

      Savon The Special Edition Life Project Ambassador includes:
      (i) A beautifully sculpt Limited Edition D1-44 Savon

      (ii) A REAL and intricately handmade Backpack
      (whereby it holds all the special gadgets that you can never imagine)

      (iii) A Mood Binoculars
      (whereby it shows the painful expressions of the wildlife)

      (iv) A C.S.I Camera
      (whereby Savon captures snapshot of men hunting wildlife)

      (v) A Bottomless waterbottle
      (whereby it contains holy water not only to keep Savon hydrated, but also it heals the wound of the wildlife)

      (vi) An anesthetics Gun
      (whereby it is to put down any hunter that comes into Savon's path)

      (vii) A rope
      (whereby it is to tight up any of Savon's capture, of course!)

      (viii) A Jungle Helm
      (its Helm and not Hat cos' sometimes, Savon can be attack by the wildlife when they mistook him as a human hunter) :(

      (ix) A pair of boots

      (x) Hunter Outfit Set

      And lots and lots more of details that can only be explained with photos. Please stay tune to the launch of Savon - our 4th ambassador in the Life Project!

      For Life Project Story, please visit:

      For Life Project Doll purchase, please visit:
      www.domuya.net or any of our authorized dealer

      Thank you and all the ambassadors and staff of Domuya would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :candycane
    2. [​IMG]

      Savon has emerged from his hiding ground! Please hurry over to www.domuya.net to see more of him in action and place your order early to receive him early!

      Delivery Starts on 23rd December 2009!

      Story on a day of Savon's expedition will be at our mini-site by 18th December 2009!

      Please stay tune~ :goldstar
    3. Yes! For USA customers, Doll Peddlar is our authorized dealer in the States!
      Approach your nearest dealer for the fastest service!