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[Domuya] Limited Edition Vampires - Julian & Veronika

Nov 27, 2009

    1. Hi Dear Collectors,

      Our Bite or Bitten Vampires have arrived! They are each Limited Edition of 30 pieces worldwide. ONLY 30 VICTIMS!~

      And other than customizing your own vampire set, we do have Free Special items to be given away with these 2 vampires!

      Each of them will come with a sculpted resin rose and a little pet of the vampire - Bat! :aheartbea The bat not only comes with 2 sets of magnetic wings (spread wings and closed wings), their eyes are interchangeable just like a normal BJD!

      Please enjoy the following pictures:



      Special Cross Burn Marks just for Julian! :fangirl:

      And our Special Vampire Lady - Veronika! She is also Limited to 30 pieces worldwide!~




      And the special gifts by Domuya!


      A Litl' Pet Bat :fangirl:


      And a Blood Rose!~

      Hurry over to www.domuya.net or approach any Domuya's Authorized Dealer to purchase your Limited Edition Vampires before they are gone! A very small collection by Domuya. :aheartbea
    2. i was wondering how much are taller.
    3. Snow: Viewing of our website from Netherlands should be fine. Maybe you can try to change with Firefox if you are using IE as the browser or maybe connecting from another computer would help. I really hope that you can see the lovely dolls. (><)

      $avage: I am sorry if I understand you wrongly. Do you mean how tall are the dolls? The are 64cm tall in original height. Super Model Kit are available for both Male and Female Flexi Perennial to make them into a 68cm beauty! (^^)
    4. Hi Domu, I'm guessing she is on the older D1 flex 1 body and not the new D 1 Flexi 2 ???? and will her head(s) be available later??
    5. gaylejoy: Hello.....Yes, they are on Flexi Perennial body. The 64cm version. Are you one happy owner of our D1 Flexi 2? There will be new head for D1 Flexi 2 doll soon.

      And as for Julian and Veronika, I am sorry that their heads will not be sold separately at a later stage.
    6. Will the bats ever be sold separately in the future?
    7. YukiOokami: No, I am sorry dear. It is a special gifts for the "victims" of Julian & Veronika. Maybe you can see if the adopters want to let u have the little pet bat. (^^)
    8. The Model kit is listed as an option for Veronika, but I don't see it listed for Julian. Is there supposed to be a kit option for him as well?
    9. It looks like the bat has a head cap. Is it jointed?
    10. I don't think it's jointed, they said it has two sets of interchangeable wings and the headcap is so you can change the eyes.
    11. minuet: Yes, we do have Super Model Kit for our D1 Flexi Perennial Male doll. But it is currently available only at special request.

      Kiyakotari: Wow! You are really observant! It does come with a headcap. But that is for changing of eyes. And it includes 2 sets of wings. One as the spread wing and one as the kept wing. If the pictures are not on our official website, you can manage to see it "flying" around in our Domuya Facebook page!

      Yaisha: Thanks! You are correct! :D
    12. Dear Vampire/ Pet Fans!~

      Domuya has received lots of emails and heard that many people are interested in purchasing and adopting the little pets of Julian. :D

      Thus, Domuya has decided to let loose 60 of them! 60 Little Bats have escaped!~

      Quickly go over to www.domuya.net or direct to the Bats before they flew away (http://domuya.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=955) and capture them today!~

      Happy New Year!~ :fangirl:
    13. What eye size do the bats wear? Thanks :)
    14. They use really really small eyes. Not the typical glass eyes for dolls though. More like you can use any color beads you can find in art/hobby store. :)
    15. aww, the little bats are absolutely adorable! *squees*