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Domuya.net is back up and UPDATED!

Oct 8, 2004

    1. http://www.domuya.net/

      lots of new stuff! looks like they now carry Sweet dolls, Sharmin, and Ajumapama clothing too!
    2. I have to say, it looks FANTASTIC!

      Thanks for the update Aimee!
    3. the new site is looking good -was happy to see new stuff for Sd and SD13 .But I am not convinced about the ajumapama shoes.Has any of you tried them ? I bought a few pairs - but they were all quite big for my SD and SD13 .I guess they fit SD13 boys better ...What do you reckon ?
    4. I have these below and the platform mary janes. And they fit my SD10 & SD13 perfectly. Very well made and good fit.

    5. I have several pair and the only ones that don't fit very well are the platform mary janes...they are kind of tight...Kyan has big feet, tho!!! :lol:
    6. Cripes...that last one was me...forgot to sign in. again. :oops: