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Domuya New Line of Doll: D1-44 (Dolls' Life Project)

Jun 3, 2009

    1. Well, this is the exact article found at Domuya's website (www.domuya.com)

      I've copied it here thinking that it might arouse some interest in discussion and maybe, it gives doll lovers a greater insight into how these dolls come about and a little on how Domuya works. :aheartbea

      Here it goes:

      As most of Domuya Fans would know, Domuya does not usually make Limited Edition dolls. And when we do, we usually make our dolls based on a storyboard platform. And that is why, we have a dream to create a "Domuya Universe". In which, if you have been following our newsletters, you will know that the Domuya dolls are not just a product, just a figure/statue that you place on the shelves or at one corner of your room. They LIVE, they live in the "Universe" we create for them and they live for you.
      And for this year 2009, Domuya has decided to create a series of dolls aside from the Domuya universe. Our dreams have elevated! We want to talk about our Planet Earth. We want to contribute no matter how little it is for our Mother Earth! Our little part from Domuya; yours; his; hers, all added up and you can be surprise that everyone from their little corner on the Earth doing their little part and our Mother Earth would be happy and smiling to us like the bright sun looking down to us every morning!

      You may wonder, what caused the spark and what ignited this idea? To be honest, its from the packaging of a soap! Hahaha. Its actually from the free soap (necessity corner) in the bathroom of a hotel when I was traveling. Yes, it is funny, I know. But you see, because when we stay in a hotel, the soap provided nowadays are usually in a bottle, those liquid body soap right? But this hotel provides those solid and by the piece soap. And instead of being wrapped in paper wrapper (even for those hotels that provide solid soap), this hotel has it beautifully wrapped in a paper box made from recycled paper. It is with such a nice wrapper, that caught my attention amongst the norm. So it can be ironic here. Isn't it suppose to be earth-friendly and why such an extravagance on the packaging right? Well, it has double meaning in my personal opinion. First, it has such a beautiful packaging to catch your attention (so it also serves as a good marketing strategy for the hotel service and standards) and then, subconsciously, out of the 2 given in the bathroom for double room, you will only bear to use one and this is where your subconsciousness comes in on the Earth-Friendly message.

      I can't speak for everyone here, but at least, this is the message that flashes through my mind at the moment when I was in bathroom and picking up my shampoo, condition and other daily necessities. Shan't go too much into personal details here. Hehe....

      Actually, in a hotel room or specifically bathroom, we are being swam with "Save the Earth" messages. For instance:

      (1) Hang your towel back on the rack if you do not wish them to be washed. (If you are staying for multiple days)
      Message: Do not waste water. Save the Earth.

      (2) Combs are no longer provided, unless specifically requested through room service.
      Message: Cos' combs given are usually made of plastic and these are non-recyclable material. Some guests would only use it once and leave it behind at the room to be discarded upon room cleaning.

      (3) Solid soap are given instead of liquid soap.
      Personal view: I would like to think that solid soap is more "saving" than liquid soap in terms of usage. But for short stay in hotel, the chances of throwing it away (wastage) is higher. But this saves the plastic bottles used to hold the liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner.

      Suggestion: I would suggest that hotel use dispenser for these in the bathroom. This can be the best of both world. No wastage, no non-recyclable bottles (I am not sure if the hotels recycle the bottles though). But hotel may have concerns that they might have "ugly" guests that emptied their dispensers and transferred them into their personal storage and bring home? Maybe that's why most hotels provide lower quality cleanser so that you will bring your own for those who are more particular! Haha~~​
      I am sure there will be more life examples....but I do not want to write an essay on these alone. Hahaha~~~so we can keep the discussion or thoughts on another post.
      So to conclude, the spark of this project is from a "SOAP"!

      Thus with this thought, I went back to the company and had a discussion with the R&D Team which is lead by Jacky. Everyone started to get excited about this and ideas and conversations are all flowing around in the room!

      Jacky then decided to make a smaller size doll to replace our earlier retired version of D1-42. The exact doll measurement and doll body picture will be available when the product is launched. This doll body designed is different from our "Signature" Flexi Body and Flexi Perennial. Maybe I would discuss this in a different post. Hahaha~~too much things to say to our Domuya Fans. Just let me focus on the Dolls' Life Project for this posting.

      So for an insight news or for giving more of an imaginary idea of how our Life Project comes to LIFE, here are the people involved:

      Team members are:
      (1) Candy as the Spark [​IMG]
      (2) Jacky as the R&D Team Leader
      (3) Eage as the Face Sculptor
      (4) Wills as the Body Sculptor
      (5) Lisa as the Graphic Designer
      (6) Ray as the Photographer

      and of course, many more others as the supporting roles. Maybe some of you professionals out there would like to join our team! [​IMG]
      And for even the more curious, the body for Dolls' Life Project and this current line "D1-44" was first worked on in December 2008 and the theme dolls are worked on starting March 2009. So now in June 2009, they are ready to meet all the doll lovers around the world bringing along the humble messages with them!

      Our Dolls' Life Project #1 Theme character is - The Drui, a forest keeper. His background can be found on the earlier post "Domuya Life Project - Coming Soon". The heavy deforestation and lack of forest management globally has caused the most widely discussed global warming although these are not the only side effects. For more details, there are some quite well covered facts here: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/Deforestation/deforestation_update.php
      Thus, in our #1 theme doll to "Save our Planet Earth", we want to bring the awareness to people all around, and we definitely feel that to spread the message within our means, there is no better way to do it in our dolly world because the doll communities are all so united and people are so diverse that the spreading of messages cannot be undermined.

      Drui is telling people that their home is being destroyed and damaged. And humans should cut down on deforestation due to unnecessary agricultural expansion, wood extraction (e.g., logging or wood harvest for domestic fuel or charcoal).While deforestation occurs everyday, we are doing our little part to reforest! That is why, for every doll adopted, you will be planting a dozen of seedlings in Ethiopia as Domuya will be making the donations to The Green World Campaign (http://www.greenworld.org/) on your behalf.

      And we hope that these seeds of hope will better the living conditions for people living in Ethopia, for our future generations and our Planet Earth. And may it be that we have planted the seeds of hope in our heart, making us happy everyday! [​IMG]

      Thank you for your time reading this! :fangirl:
    2. I am happy to see Domuya donating to a worthy cause! :)
      Are these dolls made from ordinary polyurethane resin or the new more environmentally responsible "6p green" resin that I've heard references to elsewhere?
    3. I'm excited to see the rest of the doll! I love the environmental theme and the donations behind the doll! Sadly I don't think I'll have the funds to buy the first one that comes out, but the design looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the rest of the series.

      I will definately want to buy at least one of these dolls. I like fantasy themed dolls as well and the size is great!
    4. I love this idea, and Drui is so intriguing - very unique and original! Can you give us any idea what the other dolls characters will be?
    5. I better start saving. I love trees, forest and all that deals with mother nature and all the beauty surrounds that can be seen.............and unseen!

      This doll sounds great! We too are big on recycle. We also burn alot of things so it doesn't end up in the crowded landfills. I use containers instead of plastic bags. But if I do have to use a plastic bag, I reuse it several times. Use it up and wear it out, then recycle!
    6. I think the idea for this project is awesome! I love trees myself, and hate seeing so much damage to them. I can't wait to see the actual doll full face, it does look very interesting!
    7. St James: Well, its actually not Domuya donating to the worthy cause. Its the doll owner who are donating! :aheartbea We are just consolidating all the funds so that we can purchase the seeds together and form an area of trees planted by Drui Owners! If only we can through google earth see the exact spot of land and we can mark it there! :D

      As for the 6p Resin, thanks for bringing that to my attention. To be very honest, I wasn't aware of such resin availability. I have googled it a little and it seems that this 6p resin is meant for for other things and not for dolls? I know that when we say resins, actually the term has also been used for bathtubs to shoe soles. So I believe there is a wide range and quality of resins meant for different thing.

      And as for this 6p Resin, has it been used on BJD? If so, I will feedback to my company and get this find out cause it will really be a good idea to use 6p resin on our dolls especially when they are environmental friendly "friends".

      Its never too late to use them for future dollies! :)

      : Thank you so much for liking our doll and wanting to own at least one of our earth friendly dolls! I would definitely encourage you to even have the whole series! Maybe someone who owns the complete series will end up with a special bonus?! :lol:
    8. Gatodelsol: Thank you so much again for liking our work! Well, you have asked a very good question! :sweat Although I do have an idea of what this series of characters will be, but all I can reveal at this moment is that the next monthly special is a mermaid. Hehe~~~you can roughly guess what the environmental message will be already for next month!

      Muse Star: Its good to hear that you are big on recycling! :D I am sure we can recycle alot in our doll hobby too on top of what we are already recycling in our daily lives! For example, its great during doll conventions when recyclable shopping bags are given upon registration. Then vendors can stopped issuing out plastic or paper bags and doll collectors just have all their goodies from their shopping spree in their recyclable bag!

      Wigs can be recycled too by doing own hairstlying and cutting! You just recycled a maybe old wig that you do not wish to use anymore into another style!

      Pepperonipizza: Thanks for liking this idea and I am glad to have found another tree lover! Wait till you see the "essence" of this doll! I think the best part is unshown yet! Lolx...don't worry. Its coming soon!

      Keep the discussion coming along! I am excited to hear all the wonderful comments and ideas doll lovers all around the world would have? Different perspective, different perception on environmental issues and what can we do about it in the dolly world? :dance
    9. I'm looking forward to more pictures of this doll and the future ones. I have a feeling I will be picking some of them up, as I do tend to like Domuya dolls. I don't have many 44cm dolls, so this may be a bad thing...getting sucked into the 44cm range.

      Is Drui a male or female? It appears to be more gender nuetral.

    10. Domu, the company S-Line is apparently using 6p resin, although they haven't offered any information to customers. Here is the thread for the doll made of this type of resin: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=287984
    11. Oh, I am SOOOO in trouble....so much for the budget! ;) I realize you can't reveal too much about the upcoming releases, but do you know how MANY there will be in this series? Thanks for the info - can't wait to see the full Drui!!
    12. :o OMG! A mermaid! I can't wait!!
    13. Weren't "adoptions" supposed to start today, June 7? I haven't seen anything new posted to the "News" thread or the website (not that I'm anxious or anything! ;) ). OK, I am anxious! Can't wait to see the full Drui!
    14. I think it's June 9. I've been checking the Domuya site daily in anticipation but I don't think there'll be anything until Teusday or so.
    15. Anneke:
      Sure thing! The photos will be ready by latest tomorrow! Well, do not hesitate to pick them up! I would say that they are available at very good and attractive prices. Good price for a unique doll and very good sculpt! :D

      And moreover, if anyone chooses to buy everyone of the "earth dolls" (6 of them in total, you will then be entitled to purchase the 7th Special Earth doll)! This is only offered to the owner that has adaopted all 6 of them.

      St James: Thanks for providing me the link! We will do the necessary from there and hopefully we'll too be able to implement that for our earth dolls if they quality serves to be on par if not better! :)

      Gatodelsol: Hahaha...trust me. You won't be in too much trouble because personally, I find the doll is offered at a very good and attractive price! Plus, Domuya now offers layaway up to 3 months! So you can't feel even a mosquito bite on this one! :lol:

      Chehime: Hehe....mermaid is taking her time to swim to the shore....now is Drui. Hahaha~~~I love Drui alot personally! I like its essence of this character alot. :D
    16. Gatodelsol: Yes. Our apology. Some delay in the mini-site that we have made for Drui. Drui has a story to tell! You can never miss this! Please Stay Tune! Your anxiousness and excitement will be ready! Drui will not disappoint you.

      Chehime: You are wonderful! How did you get the inside news?! I am amazed! Yes, you're correct! Drui will make his/her appearance tomorrow (9th June)!

      Yes, you are correct Anneke. I forgot to answer this earlier. Drui is neutral gender. Asexual. :aheartbea
    17. What a wonderful idea! It's so important to spread understanding of environmental issues - what a creative way to do it. :)
    18. LOL! I bet I read the 7 as a 9 and then got it into my head the release date was the 9th! So funny to be right!

      I'll be checking the site tomorrow!
    19. In Hong Kong it is fast evening of June 9th and still no photos or information... ((
    20. Gotiks: Thanks for owning a Fin! I see her in your profile pic! Lovely! Do you want to send us your picture so that we can put her in our gallery: http://www.domuya.com/index.php?option=com_exposeprive&Itemid=126

      We have just started this gallery and we welcome all Domuya owner's pic to be up there!

      And as for Drui...trust me! She will "appear" before the clock strikes 12 here.

      Sorry for the wait and thanks for the anticipation!