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Domuya New Line of Doll: D1-44 Standard "Summer" & "Charles"

Aug 23, 2009

    1. As some of you might already know, Domuya releases her new line of Doll D1-44 in July when we first introduceDrui, The Forest Keeper in June 2009. This line of doll body, other than being used in our Life project, are now release in the Standard line of D1-44.

      Our first unique, well-loved and versatile teenager girl is "Summer"! :aheartbea Though Summer season is almost over, but our Summer is still shining bright, strong and of course, HOT!

      I personally find her look very unique and versatile. Not only does she shows her strong cool personality, she has a tinge of shyness in her hidden smile. Her eyes shows a little bit of mischievous when she has some pranks up in her mind; while her eyes revealed some sad or unspoken past of her when she is quiet.

      Take a look at some paparazzi shots of her and see if you share the same sentiments!




      For more pictures and information, please proceed over to www.domuya.net

      Summer is now available and in stock at Domuya and our authorized dealers. Please approach your nearest dealer and get her today!
    2. Summer has met a new pal! His name is Charles and they met each other during a biking tour! Charles is the 2nd doll release in the D1-44 Standard Line. I hope you guys will like him just as much as I love the D1-44 line of dolls! Don't you think that the D1-44 is just simply unique with all the different feeling of sculpts and personality? :fangirl:

      Without further delay, lets meet Charles ~~~



      For adoption, please visit:
      Sole Manufacturer & Distributor - Domuya (http://domuya.net) OR

      USA Authorized Dealer @ Arizona - The Doll Peddlar
      USA Authorized Dealer @ Texas - LoneStar Dolls
    3. I looked at the site and didn't see any body shots. Will you have some of them up at some point?
    4. Baakay: The body used for our standard D1-44 is the same body that our Life Project dolls are using after they have their "Life Saver" Kit on. For the Life Project dolls, they are all taken naked. So you can take a look of the body and the sculpt here: http://domuya.net/promotion/Domuya_Life_Project/Lifes_Home.html

      The beauty of the D1-44 body that I love alot personally, is that the way that the tension is hidden at the thigh. This body tries to hide most of the tension and make it look "smooth & silky". :kitty2