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Update Domuya New Outfit Releases - Signature Lingerie Series & Halloween Sets

Oct 26, 2008

    1. Dear All!~~

      I am glad to announce that Domuya has some really great and excellent outfit releases this month!

      We have introduced our new line of outfits - THE LINGERIE LINE!
      This is our Signature line that we made specially to spoil our Domuya Flexi Perennial Dolls! When they have such great bodies...how can they do without nice and sexy lingerie?!

      Each piece of our Signature Lingerie is designed and 80% hand-sewn to it fullest perfection and with lots of love and patience by our Designer - Lean. I just love the Sequins and the lace!

      She also designed 2 sets of Japanese Street Culture Outfit X Halloween Outfits. I love them to every single bits! Links to the new releases can be found here:

      Signature "Lingerie" Line

      Japanese Street Culture X Halloween Outfits - "Magician" & "Bat Wings"

      Outfits can be ordered through our USA Dealer:
      The Doll Peddlar (www.dollpeddlar.com) OR
      directly through Domuya (www.domuya.net)

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
    2. Does anyone else have problems with domuya.net?

      Out of 10 tries I usually get an error message 7-8 times. And this has been going on for a few months already.... (I don't have problems with other sites)
    3. Hi Smaug,

      I am sorry for this inconvenience caused. We have gotten a few similar feedbacks about this from all around the world. Hence, we have contacted our web hosting company and apparently, they have made a mistake by pointing our site to the wrong DNS/IP (or something like that). I am not very clear about this but I have heard it from our webmaster.

      And they are working on this and this problem will be rectified by next Tuesday. So at the meantime, please bear with us.

      Once again, thank you for letting us know! ;)