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Domuya Not Doing FCS Anymore

Jul 13, 2005

    1. I'm sorry if this has been said before or if it's in the wrong place or if I read it wrong but I'm pretty sure it says Domuya will not be doing FCS anymore. This really sucks as I was going to order from them in a few months :( Oh well :cry: Does anyone know anywhere else where I can purchase an MSD FCS with a credit card?
    2. Aw, this sucks super muchly. I suppose it must be rather hard and confusing to do...
    3. Wow....that's really surprising. I wonder why they're stopping...

      Guess it's a good thing I ordered my boy when I did.
    4. :barf
      <seriously how I feel on hearing this>
    5. Crap.

      That severly limits the options on where to get FCS from. Its too bad too because they have such excallant coustomer service.
    6. it really does suck because i set my heart on getting a cat boy but that seriously looks slim now that one of the only american options is gone :cry: i don't know what to do. i'm in like a nervous breakdown. btw, getting one from cassiel is a good idea but i seriously don't have the money right now :cry: :cry: :cry: arrrrrrgggggghhhh!!! is it karma that i can't get what i want? oh well....looks like i'll just have to wait for a doll that strikes my interest before i go off and disconnect myself from the bjd world all over again :(
    7. if she leaves a bit later, then there is still hope!!!!! i'll be starting a job in january and'll be able to afford one in like mid-march!!! i hope she leaves later, that would be super (excuse crappy joy noise)
      philion (still hope :grin: )
    8. Maybe Volks is making them stop, because of the Volks shop that is going to open in Los Angeles?
    9. RND DOES do FCS orders, because I've done all of mine through Rudi. However, you need to take a few things into account.

      Rudi has not yet done an MSD FCS order. He doesn't have a price set for them and is going to Japan this month to sort this out. He DOES NOT take Sato orders, so if you're after one of the rarer heads, you're still stuck.

      Another thing Rudi doesn't do is the face up service to the level Domuya does it. He normally requires a picture rather than a description. And it may well not be "spot on". This is fine if, like me, you wipe the face up off anyway and do your own, but first-timers may find this upsetting or a problem, and have to incur the extra expense of a face-up artist.

      Domuya stopping is a bolt out of the blue, to be honest, and rather screws up my future plans. *sighs*
    10. yay! so this means i can still get the f-13 head (not SATO) and everything for an undecided price right? i want the faceup to be exactly like sdc arashi. will he or she be able to get that for me if i give a picture? thanks a lot everyone! and yes, domuya stopping i'm sure screws with everyone's future plans :(
    11. I'm going down to Domuya this Friday and I'll try asking them face-to-face if they'll be stopping FCS. I can't see why they would do this, since they're making a pretty penny off it...unless they have been getting too many complaints from customers disappointed with their dolls or some such.
    12. He can do that for you, yes. I'll contact him again and ask him what's happening with MSD orders and post it here.
    13. no need i already emailed him and asked for details^^ thanks though^^
    14. AWWWWW!!! This really sucks!! :cry: Once I got the money, I was going to get a white-skinned Mimi from them!! :( Their ordering proccess was so organized and I've only heard good things about them. Why would they suddenly stop??? *_*
    15. I can't imagine they have a lot of complaints......they are wonderful to deal with, extremely patient, and I have only read positive things about the dolls they handle.

      I SO hope this is just a mis-wording, somehow, and they don't intend to stop forever.....
    16. I, too, hope that they don't stop doing FCS. I will be forever sad if I can't afford my girl in time (which I'm sure I won't, unless a miracle occurs), and they close up FCS shop. They may be expensive but, from what I've heard, well worth it.
    17. *sniffles* I really hope it was a miscommunication or just a temporary thing. Why is it so hard for us gaijin to get FCS? Hopefully things will get better when the volks shop opens in Los Angelos, but I doubt it will have Sato.

      *Sigh* This is a real kick in the ribs. It reminds me of when they discontinued Antique Rose glass eyes. I was devistated! All we can do is pray, I guess.
    18. Hi~

      I also recently ordered a FCS doll (early this month), and I emailed about the details and got a very similar reply to the first post. I was hoping it was a miscommunication, but it didn't read that way :(

      It's strange though, because about a month ago, I received a reply about MSD FCS, and she said they would be updating the MSD FCS with the Sato heads mid July.

      Maybe they've gotten too many orders to handle? I don't know. I will miss the comfort of easily obtaining a FCS doll :cry: (When I have the $ of course)