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Domuya Perennial 2008 - Sneak Peek of *Ida*

Jan 8, 2008

    1. You've seen glimpses of her from Singapore's "The Doll Affair", and on DoA.
      So here's a preview of Domuya's latest lovely, Miss Ida

      She will be released very soon :aheartbea



      Ida created by Domuya.
      Jewelry by Seiko of Inorganica Designs

    2. Do you know the actual foot size for Fin, and the other female Perennial they have? It says 7cm on the website, but Fin's foot looks longer than that.
    3. Fin has delicate sweet feet. They are exactly 7,2cm long and only 2,8cm wide. They fit in all normal SD shoes. And due to the moveable toe part Fin can wear the Luts senior girl high heel shoes. :)
    4. I'd be careful with the shoes, though: Dollmore doesn't (always) list the inside of their shoes, and so I just bought [for my Ida] one pair of shoes listed as having an inside length of 7.2 cm that, unlaced, seem like they could stretch eventually but don't REALLY fit, and a pair of boots listed as having a length of 8cm that don't fit at all. *facepalm*