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Nov 22, 2005

    1. Domuya has revamped their site! The doll pics should be up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. :D

      http://www.domuya.com <===

      And they have a new line of their own Dolls! Domuya O.N.E.!!!!! Check it out!
    2. Ooooh flaaaaash. XD

      This is really interesting though, yay domuya!
      I might just have to keep my promise to Kasita and move to Singapore. XDD
    3. And it looks like they will be having a "limited sale" on a doll called G. XD
    4. I love the fact that they are creating their own dolls.
      Good for them
    5. AWESOME!!! I'm so glad to see them back in action.
    6. "About O.N.E Unique

      Ever thought of making your dream BJD, but yet no one are able to do that for you?

      Ever had the though of, "if this doll is is more xxx, that will be perfect!"

      If any of the above though ever came across your life, ONE Special is the ONLY doll that you need to own.

      More info Coming Soon!"

      "One Unique"? =D Will this be another FCS-type system?
    7. YAY! Welcome back, Domu!! ^O^
    8. I want to see more of the dolls!
    9. OOooo... you know there's a place nearby that's being rented out ^^
      Just a few blocks away from me XD Interested?
    10. wow i like the new webbie :D oh well i think the new range of d dolls would rock... although i wonder whats the costing gonna be like and the quality... :D

      probbly go down to domuya on friday :D juz to look and talk to aunty betty :D

      oh well *envies website*

      oh i shall continue my quest on opening a GL/dolls shop :D yeah still renovating the place... lol
    11. Wooooooooooow! Crank up the James Brown!

      Hit mayyyyyy!

      Domuya is back like a sex machine!

      Go Domuya!
    12. The site is nice, and those dolls look preeeetttyyyyyy, I want to know more about thi O.N.E unique thing! so exiting!
    13. I want to see more pictures, but I cannot open the photo gallery. o_o;
      It's asking me to enter user name and password, but I cant even register.
      Where to find more photo of the dolls? O_Q
    14. *tilts head* Does that mean we won't be able to order through domuya.net? That site's still there...

      The dolls look cute though! I see a volks influence in a couple of the sculpts, and the resin has a real nice color. The wigs and clothes pages don't seem to be up yet though.
    15. Allright! XD

      I wonder if I'll get to see D-O.N.E dolls when I visit Domuya again next year XD
    16. I can't enter to the galery either T_T
      I register but when I click on the gallery it said to log in = s
      I log in and it appears an error >.<
    17. love the new site, and cant wait to see these new dolls, though i placed an order on the old site last night..i hope it still goes through? =/
    18. Umm.. What's the difference between Domuya.com and Domuya.net? ):
    19. Just by looking at the dolls in the flash, I'm not super impressed. That is to say, I don't really like the headmolds. If course, it would be nice to see some real pics, so to speak, and get more information. =)
    20. DITTO. :/
      (ten character post minimum? wtf?)