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Domuya Secret Project Nightmare Discussion

Feb 14, 2010

    1. Discussion thread for Domuya's new LE 66 armoured horse, Nightmare!

    2. Some important stuff to note, first of all:

      - Color theme shown in the preview pictures is testing color (Champion theme), the final product will be in midnight blue.

      - Nightmare currently measured approximately 68cm in length and 70cm in height.

      Which means that 65 cm dolls will probably be about the same height as the horse (he has rather long horns, so those factor into the height). Meaning the proportions are a bit weird.

      Either way, he's much better than Souldoll's horse, and cheaper too!
    3. Their website still won't load for me. Are there better pictures
      on his page? And how much is he?
    4. i think Domuya did an amazing job creating Nightmare..... i can't wait to see him in person...... even if he might be a bit on the small side for larger doll, i think he can work in photos.....
    5. Domuya has a new formated website... it's totally different from the old one. i had no trouble getting access.... maybe try a different browser?
    6. Domuya's website tends to take a few tries to load for me. Just keep refreshing!

      Nightmare is SGD $800 without armour and SGD $1200 with armour. And yes, better pictures are on the site. Also, the shipping is crazy expensive too. Don't quote me on this, but with armour I think it comes to about $200 SGD.
    7. yup.... shipping to the US is $211 SGD..... yikes!
    8. Shipping to anywhere is exactly the same, they say they're aiming to reduce the weight so whether that will change the price...

      I've already ordered mine (I was the first to do so ;)) I took one look and was on the payment page before I knew it :sweat
    9. Does the nightmare discount apply towards layaway? Probably a silly question, but I really really want this horse, haha. I just ordered a Fin and am anxiously awaiting my discount code (which will be delayed due to holidays, woe!). =^i^= This horse is just... perfect for my death knight! And congrats, Arioch! Hopefully I can lay him away!!
    10. LOL.... i must have been in line right behind you..... i just had to take advantage of the generous coupon and get myself a Nightmare.... :aheartbea
    11. But...wouldn't Nightmare be OT since he's a horse, the same as Souldoll's horse and dog are both OT?
    12. you can still use him in a photograph as long as he is shown with an On Topic doll..... he's like a prop.
    13. Uhm. I knew he was familiar...

      Warhammer Online Chaos charger, lvl 40:




      Nice to create a Chaos Chosen bjd, haha. A pity it's a bit too small >_<
    14. Well, I understand that, but isn't promoting him still not allowed, since they're only selling the horse?
      I'm not trying to be a party pooper, I'm just genuinely interested X'D

      He does look pretty darn cool though, his armor is amazing, if only I had the money:(

      ETA: Wowww, those feet <3
    15. you're right about that.... i never thought of it.... this may get locked in that case.
    16. Yeah it may well do, which is a shame as there seems to be quite a bit of interest for it ;)

      Nanyalin I see what you mean, that's a pretty spectacular similarity there!
    17. Well, hopefully not. Since clothes discussion and the like is allowed in the news thread, maybe discussion of a BJD accessory is okay too? *Crosses fingers*

      And wow, that Warhammer horse... XD I hope they don't get sued for copyright infringement, 'cause that is... just... wow.
    18. They won't. Look closely and you'll see that there are a number of differences. I'll grant you that it's obviously an inspiration, but the execution is different.

      Also, I'm a little puzzled what you guys mean by him being small? The doll they're showing with him and on him is a flexi perennial boy. 65cm. He should look fine with a 60cm doll, and even with an EID no one will mistake him for a pony.
    19. Eeek I'm in love!:fangirl: Never thought I would go for a complete horse (I do like centaurs dolls and the like) but this one is great. Can't wait to see full body pics and what colors will be available after the limited midnight blue are released.
    20. Between this and the unicorn, we may be seeing the start of a BJH - Ball-Jointed Horse hobby. I wouldn't be suprised, since toy/model horse collecting and customizing seems to be pretty popular. I'd like to see Nightmare and the unicorn next to each other(or even as a couple!), but considering how expensive both of them are...:sweat

      Well, on the other hand it might lead to more centuar dolls like Chiron as well, and those would be on-topic, right?