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[Domuya] Secret Project Nightmare Release!

Feb 14, 2010

    1. Wow! Wow! Wow!
      All I can say is WOW! :D
      There are simply too many things I want to say online but I just can't gather my thoughts.
      Okay...I'll try.

      (1) For those who have been following us or for those who have purchased our 2010 "Flexi All Star Dream Package" would have known and received their respective coupon and priority queue ticket for this highly anticipated and secretive Nightmare Project.

      And now, this Limited Edition of 66 sets of Nightmare is open for pre-order at our Domuya's website: www.domuya.net

      Please go there and take a look! I think pictures are much better than words!


      It is fully ball-jointed, uses tension band, and the head of the horse is interchangeable. Uses 20mm glass eyes.


      This is an example of our Male Flexi Perennial Reaper riding on his companion - Nightmare!


      The shield on the back of the nightmare can be taken off and use as shield for Reaper!

      Lots and lots more of picture on www.domuya.net
      Please hurry and gallop over!~ :D

      If there are any questions, we recommend fans to write direct to us if you want a faster reply.

      (2) In view of the many great promotions, demand and request, our 2010 "Flexi All Star Dream Package" has been extended till 28th Feb 2010!


      For those who haven't purchase, the category that is now open is the 51st to 100th Category. That means, your doll body purchase is still entitled to the following:
      (A) 35% off the Original Price,
      (B) Free Makeup Rebate
      (C) 25% off Nightmare Project.

      This is still great offer! With even 25% off the Nightmare Project, it is as good as getting the 2010 "Flexi All Star Dream Package" as FREE! Cos' the savings on the nightmare is S$299.50 and the Dream Package is only S$335. Please you'll get makeup rebate!

      Some more details or questions of 2010 "Flexi All Star Dream Package" has been discussed here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=348726

      Thank you for your time & Domuya wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!~ :aheartbea
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    2. Is the horse limited or only the full set (horse + armour)?

      It looks wonderful :D
    3. WOW from here too...O_O :aheartbea

      **edit** After reading again, Nightmare is NOT limited. Only his armor and weapon set form... to 66pcs worldwide.
    4. there are any pictures of the horse only? without armor
    5. DoA member Arioch already e-mailed Domuya regarding armourless pictures. Their response:

      "As for the picture of the horse, we are sorry we are not able to produce any
      at this moment, as our office is closed for holiday...

      We will be able to take more picture about a week later.
    6. The reply also said:

      But being there at the photo shoot session, maybe I can give you some
      feedback on your question:) Actually the armor pieces is not really thick,
      we wanted to portrait a well armored nightmare, without slight "clumsy"
      feeling. Thus, all armor pieces are made as thin and as light as possible,
      yet still look "well armored". (they are about 5mm to 8mm thick) Thus, the
      actual proportion of the horse will not sway away too much without the

      Hopefully that helps a bit until we get the pictures through (although I've already ordered mine I still want to see the un armoured version :))

      Edit: I'm not 100% about whether the entire doll is limited but I did notice this:
      "Nightmare" will come in Limited Edition Nightmare Black Anti-UV resin so it certainly seems like the black resin is limited to 66.
    7. Dear all,
      I just gathered some questions from the discussion thread,

      Thanks for all the "love" on "Nightmare"! maybe i will clarify a few questions here?

      1. Nightmare horse (in black resin) is limited to 66 sets.
      2. Domuya will release naked horse under D1 Companion series. Regarding Color available in the D1 Companion standard is not fixed yet, we are still trying out how different resin color will look on actual product, what we do have in mind is: Brown, Grey white.
      3. D1 Companion standard is schedule to be release in March to early April 2010.
      4. Oops, one of the pic of the rider with the horse is a top down shot, the head of nightmare is taller than D1 Flexi Perennial Male :P

      A minisite of D1 Companion is in process now, it is far from complete, but you may want to take a look for now?

    8. Do you have a price established for the D1 Companion yet?

      Also, what is the armour for the limited edition Nightmare made of?

      ETA: Will there be different heads and tails available with the Nightmare package? And does it have a hair mane?
    9. On the site it says that Nightmare has 15 moveable joints. Does the horse have a one piece body?
    10. Tacti, Is that in US dollars you are quoting? I get 799.00 when I tried to add it to my cart with a total of 1,010.00 with shipping.

      Apparently the nightmare horse comes with a changeable tail, but does not come with a mane based on the list of included items.
    11. Luckyl the price listed on the site is SGD, Singapore Dollars, Tacti has just converted it to USD.

      The mane isn't mentioned on the sale page, but on the website-in-progress in Tacti's post. I suspect the absence on the sale page is an oversight, it makes no sense to have an interchangeable tail and not the mane too!
    12. Thanks for the clarification Arioch! That price makes him even more attractive!

      It does make me wonder though about the mane on the Nightmare version. I doubt the armour would fit with a mane under it.
    13. They do say that there's a set of cloth armour 'use to protect the chain mail from damaging the horse' which may be used to cover it. Also bear in mind that this is the preproduction model (probably made to test the moulds or similar), so it may be that the mane wasn't in when they took the pictures.

      They've already said that there may be some changes before the final version, so maybe wait for the full body shots when they reopen, or the release version (1st of March I think it said) :)

      If you check the discussion thread, KittyFields has just received a Domuya armoured girl and says that the armour is actually quite heavy, so the mane would probably be held down pretty well!
    14. Crossposted to discussion thread:

      oooh, it may be of interest to people to know that I asked Domuya whether the stand that comes with Nightmare will be adjustable, to allow for rearing poses etc, just got this reply back:

      'You bet it

      What will a warhorse/ nightmare be if they can't do a proper "war cry" :P

      Please hang on till the final pictures when the TRUE "Nightmare" came out
      from pre-order '

      Sooo glad I ordered
    15. they say there will be only 66 horses nightmare but what happens if more than 66 people who bought the flexi star package -with discount for the horse- wanna buy it?
      the discount for the horse will be applied also on a "basic" horse, since after 66 there will be no more nightmare horses?
      layaway will be avaiable to get nightmare (with the discount of the package)?
    16. Tosh, I got the horse on layaway with my 51-100 All Stars discount. :)
    17. what is the weight without full armor?