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Domuya's Life Project - Drui the Forest Keeper, Aria, The Tide Guardian

Jun 1, 2009

    1. Dear all,
      Finally the long awaited “Dolls’ Life Project” is ready to make its debut! :D

      Well, many of you may wonder what is “Dolls’ Life Project”? Well, let me explained a little more on this project as we, Domuyans, look seriously into this project and want to share with all doll lovers globally on what we have brought to you.

      Domuya has been working on this project for months now. This theme - “Dolls’ Life Project” has interest many of us because it is a theme that is close to everyone’s heart. Everyone has been educated, has known, has worked and has done their part in trying to make our planet Earth a better place to live in. Someway or another, we have done our part to minimize further damage to her. And we are grateful to all people behind this project who has given their love and making an idea to reality.

      What made us come out with the “Save the Planet Earth” theme? Well, everyday in our lives, we were faced with messages that informed us to “Recycle, Reuse and Reduce”; movies and books are also being released with all the possibility of how our future Mother Earth will be like in 20xx years with all the damages that we are inducing to her. So as we fear what the future will be, we thought, why not lets do our little part and bring the Green World Messages into our Dolly world!

      This series of theme dolls will be a monthly special. They will only be sold in their month of release. Afterwhich, they will retire as we move onto introducing their next pal. And for June, we are introducing The Drui.

      Here is a little background story for The Drui.

      Once upon a time, there was an unknown rain forest on Earth, in it lives a tribe of magical creature, which were believed to be formed from the seeds. These are not any ordinary seeds, but seeds of hope. These seeds do not look uncommon, they go through the standard of process from seedlings to saplings to trees….but they do not stop there. They will then take on the final form of The Drui, protecting all living creatures in the forest, they tapped the life energy emitted from the forest, the more trees in the area, the longer they can maintain in their Drui form. The Drui are living happily in the forest until humans’ excessive deforestation and a lack of concern for forest management, destroyed their home bit by bit, day by day. As their environmental climate changes, no longer can it provide enough life energy for The Drui, thus not only losing their habitat, they are reverting to their original form.

      Before more and more of them suffer in the forest, please start your adoption today. Save them!

      For every doll adopted, you will be planting a dozen of seedlings in Ethiopia as Domuya will be making the donations to The Green World Campaign (http://www.greenworld.org/) on your behalf.

      Below is the sneak preview of the Sad & Frightened Drui looking out helplessly to the people around whom are causing potential damage to their home.


      Adopt these Seeds of Hope! Adoption starts on 7th June and ends on 30th June 2009.More information on The Drui will be available the next few days. Please stay tune!
    2. Thank you all for taking the interest so far. While we wait for more photos to be ready, I have provided a little insight into how Domuya Dolls' Life Project come to LIFE.

      I have opened a Discussion thread here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=300041

      Please feel free to have your opinions and discussion there.

      Thank you!
    3. Thanks for all the emails and queries! I am sorry there will be a 2 days delay. The current date for official debut is on the 9th June! We'll be sure to post more of Drui photos and we even have a mini-site for her! She wants her voice to be heard!

      Please Stay Tune!
    4. As promised, The Drui is ready to make her final debut!




      These are just some of her photos. To view more of her photos and
      read the message that The Drui has brought along with her, please check out her MINI-SITE (http://www.domuya.net/promotion/Domuya_Life_Project/Lifes_Home.html).

      As she has arrived 2 days later than promised, her promotion will now runs from 9th June till 15th July.

      She will be sold only during this period and afterwhich, she will be retired. So those who wanted her badly, please remember to ask for layaway program with Domuya and not let this chance slips by!

      Remember that when you have followed through all the "Earth Ambassadors", you'll be entitled to a SPECIAL!

      Drui is available at an attractive price of USD$399 (inclusive of body blushing (head and special parts included) + faceup).

      More details on her sale can be found at Domuya Or place your order through our respective authorized dealers:

      USA Region
      The Doll Peddlar
      Lone Star Dolls

      Think Pink

    5. Jeanet: Yes it can! It comes with magnetic headcaps. So you can change it to a normal headcap for normal wig. We provide 2 in the package. The sculpted hair and the normal headcap.

      In fact, in future when we launch more sculpted hair caps, you can change them too!
    6. Yes - I saw on their site that you can buy the Life Saver package whihc has the normal hand and normal feet. The doll does come with two head caps normal for wigs and also the sculpted hair cap. Whihc it looks like from the site they will offer addtional sculpted head caps later. :) How fun!

    7. Thank you very much for liking Drui and thank you to those who have already placed their orders! For those who haven't, please note that there are still 23 more days to reserve yours before they are gone into the forest!

      Attached below are some of the sketches that we have done while brainstorming for Drui. Some of the ideas are never used and some are twitched. Hope you will enjoy it.


      We have done an interview with BJDCollectasy on our Life Project, which has interested many. For those who are interested on some of the areas not mentioned in DOA, please do visit here: http://www.bjdcollectasy.com/articles/domuya-life-project-

      And please do join us at Facebook for some Domuya's updated news, old news, exclusive news and specials that might just popped up now and then.
    8. lookame: For the standard package, it will come with the tree trunk legs. But there is an option to purchase the "Life Saver Kit", which contains the normal parts for the legs and hand. So you will get the parts to allow you to change it into "normal" form as well if you purchase the kit.

      As for fitting into a regular clothes, I don't see a problem so long that the pants is not too tight fitting as the tree trunk parts are not bulky or thick in anyways. Just slightly more room needed, and if you would want to wear regular pants over the tree trunk legs, you might need the pants to be slightly longer as well cos' the tree trunk legs are longer.
    9. It’s the 2nd month for Our Special Edition Life Project Dolls! For July, Domuya Life Project team is bringing forward our Mermaid Ambassador to deliver the message of “Loving our ocean”.

      Save the Marine lives by providing them a clean home as they call “Our ocean, Our lives”. Over the years, Marine lives have been endangered by a lot of human’s inconsideration for our environment because it doesn’t seem to affect us immediately but more awareness have been brought up lately because it definitely does start to act up on humans.

      To list a few potent killers for Marine lives are chemical contamination, Marine Debris, Overfishing, Thermal Pollution & Noise Pollution, which is definitely within human acts to make it a better living environment for our Marine friends and thus us.

      Here is a little story encounter with Aria, Our Tide Guardian

      Background Info:
      On a usual evening walk down a stream that leads to the Sea, something unusual caught my attention. Something flips a little and caused a ripple in the stream, while I thought it was a random fish that jumps above the water, no, the ripples continue.

      Listening to it carefully, it actually creates a sad rhythmic music. On a careful closer approach towards the music, what sends a stunning picturesque into my eyes was a lovely, sweet and sad looking mermaid. I rub my eyes to make sure that my eyes are not fooling me and pinch myself to ensure that I am not dreaming. Yes it is! A mermaid before my eyes!

      But this mermaid has no intention of escaping from me; yet it looks into my eyes sadly and starts to speak to me softly in almost a lifeless, weak tone.

      “Please do not be afraid of me”. “Please do not harm me”. I am being washed up by the sea because the species that I represent is facing extinction. My population represents each species in our ocean world and today, I am sad to be here because the Pelagic Sharks that I represent is endangered……….(to be continued).......

      Start your adoption today to pass on the sad cries from our lovely sea ambassador and for each Tide Guardian adopted, USD$5 donations will be made to WWF International (http://www.panda.org/) on your behalf.

      More updates will be made within the next few days and I shan’t keep you waiting further. Proudly presenting our lovely Aria, The Tide Guardian:

    10. Aria, The Tide Guardian has arrived!~

      Extract from Story :
      "2 of her friends have been found onshore too. Its good news to be able to see such rare treasure with my own eyes....but its ironically sad because, whenever one is found onshore, it means, one of the species in the Ocean world they are representing is facing extinction."

      What is the story they have told me? Who do they represent in the Ocean world? More untold stories will be available soon....

      At this moment, lets meet "Pink", "Violet" and "Aqau".


      Above: Aqua


      Above: Pink


      From Left to Right: Violet, Pink & Aqua

      Ordering Period for these lovely ambassadors will be from 19th July till 30th August 2009.

      For more pictures, please continue to stay tune for the story.
    11. midnitestar7: Thank you so much for your order! I have gotten the measurement. Eyes that can be used are from 12mm-14mm. Those that was used in pictures are 12mm. As for wigs, they are using 6.5inches wig.

      Darkstar: Sure! They are some more photos "exclusive" to the dedicated webpage for Life Project. More photos of Aria can be found there. Sorry that the pictures for all the 3 dolls are small on our site because it's restricted by the programme. I'll try to get a slightly larger ones for these at DOA.

      midnitestar7: Pink is the one featured on the magazine cover. :fangirl:

      Persiasecretary: All Limited Life Project Ambassadors will have their own unique headmould and parts which will not be used or released again on other future releases. :) Though they are genederless, but Aria is definitely more feminine looking to me than Drui. :D
    12. Domu, is only Aria genderless? Or Drui also? Drui down there looks like girl to me...

      (I uploaded the picture to my own server)

      Is Aria the same? I cannot see that part of Aria on any of your pictures...

      Thank you!:)
    13. Persiasecretary: Hahaha~~~I am "shy"ed. Well, we would like to call that genderless because she doesn't come with boobs and the "bottom" is just a general sculpt. We don't intend to make a male body or a body that is very feminine....

      Just a body like you see on Aria and Drui. They are on the same body except with Limited Edition parts (body parts, headmould and sculpted hair).
    14. Is the aqua more blue or green? Some of the pictures look green and some look blue.
    15. To everyone who wanted to know, looks like a better picture of Violet Aria has gone up!:)

      Edit :: I have a question about the faceups. Are the eyebrows on each of them basically the same?
      On closer examination, it seems like the Pink version (and possibly the aqua too.. hard to tell) has very feminine eyebrows slanted in a way which make her look sad and lost.
      The Violet version seems to have much more masculine eyebrows.. though it could all be completely in the angle and I could just be seeing things.:sweat

      I definitely want my Aria to be a girl not a boy, and I am very taken by the soft feminine eyebrows the Pink version has, but overall think I might be more taken by the Violet version.
      If the eyebrows are the same, then I'm crazy and, problem solved!:)
      If they in fact are different, is it possible to request the more feminine Pink version eyebrows on another colour?


      Edit 2 :: Ordered her in Violet in the end! :D
    16. Hello- Im very curious if you have better pictures of each of their face ups? And if theyre the same on each mold. Its hard to tell with the different angles and such. Also another question is will you have pictures of a straight shot of the face?

      Many Thanks,
    17. Kedrian: Thanks for your enquiry. The Aqua looks more green. I am sorry that some might be more blue because the photoshoot was taken outdoor from afternoon till the sun set and stretch over a couple of days. So the lighting could have played a part in influencing the color tone.

      midnitestar7: Thanks for your speed! :D I'll show the picture here incase, some are lazy to toggle around. Hehe :lol: And thanks for your ordering! I am happy to be involved in your decision making between Pink & Violet! Wahaha~~~if that counts.


      PakouChan: Erm, in the photoshoot library, there isn't any of direct shoots on just the faceup. But the mini-site for Aria will be up shortly. I will post the link here once it is up. Maybe, you can take a look at some of the photos that are "reserved" for exclusivity to the mini-site.

      If you still thinks that it does not show what you are looking for, please do write to us at our official site and I'll have your concern taken care of and probably just take some indoor shots of the face closeup and show you ya?

      Feel free to write to us if you have any needs that we can assist you. :)
    18. Thank you very much for the great response of Aria till this moment. And thank you to those who have already placed their orders! For those who haven't, please note that ordering period for Aria ends on 30th August 2009. So please don't miss it.

      Attached below is the only sketch we have done for Aria. This time, we work more on actually sculpting (through trail and error) for the effects more than on paper. So just a rough feel on the initial idea of how the mermaid should look like by one of our designer.

      Actual sculpts on the parts of a mermaid will be shown through BJDCollectasy. We have a gallery library there for our Life Project. Without delay, here is the sketch!~

    19. Ok! Aria, Our Tide Guardian has her mini-site ready! Our Ocean Ambassador has exclusive photos and her message to say to all of you!~

      So please do visit the same mini-site as Drui, once again here: http://www.domuya.net/promotion/Domuya_Life_Project/Lifes_Home.html

      This will be the mini-site for the whole series of Life Project.


      Hope over and find out what happens to "Pink" above...... :...(
    20. I was curious if there were any better pictures of the aqua color available, since I can't see her face clearly in any of the pictures. D: Also, there seems to be two different versions of her hair. D: One where the color is very bright, and another where the color is more muted (with white mixed in). Which one will we be receiving?

      Oh! And uhm, Domu, you mentioned that the tail was more green for the aqua color? Is it blue-green, or is it just very green?