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Domuya's New Dolls - Aeslin & Grimir

Aug 13, 2008

    1. I havent seen any news about Domuya's new dolls,
      hence, I'm posting this- If there's any, kindly delete this. ^^;;

      Actually they aren't new to me anymore,
      I have seen these beauties in resin flesh on Domuya's booth @ Singapore ToyCon '08 i think a month ago... :3


    2. Hi Dear All,
      Thank you so much allemarthe and myalice for making the post here. It has been a long time since I have last made a post. :)I would like to take the honor to introduce a little more on Dirge of Glory Series Dolls and of course - our next standard edition doll - Alice.

      If I am not supposed to do it here, please do moved it elsewhere where deemed appropriate. I just wanna make a more detailed introduction to our new releases.:D

      First of all, Dirge of Glory is a line of dolls that we intend to launch throughout the year 2008. They are inspired by Western Chess - whereby there are Towers, Bishop, Pawn, Knights, Queen and King. We also have the honour of hiring the writer of Lonely Planet - Mr. Joshua S. Brown to do the storywrite up for our Dirge of Glory. For the story, please refer to here: http://domuya.com/universe/08dirge_of_glory/

      Series 1: (Towers)
      - Marlene & Magdel are released in Shanghai Anime and Comic Convention in May'08.

      Series 2: (Bishop)
      -Divon is also released in Shanghai Anime and Comic Convention in May'08.

      Series 3: (Knights)
      -Aeslin & Grimir have made their sneak preview in Singapore Toy & Comic Convention in June'08.

      Series 4: (Queen & Knight)
      -Queen Maeve & King Naven to make their debut in Texas BJDC in Sept'08.

      For a quick glance of the dolls, they can be found here: http://domuya.com/universe/08dirge_of_glory/character.html so I will not try to over-clustered this post.

      Please poll for your favourite character in Dirge of Glory here: http://www.domuya.com/:fangirl:

      And coming to Alice, she is our next standard edition Flexi Perennial. She has also made her debut in the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention.

      Attached below are pictures of her taken in our booth during the show:




      myalice: I have checked with the shipping department and your alice will be shipped tomorrow via EMS. So please hang on a little more!

      For customers in the states, please feel free to place your orders with The Doll Peddlar (http://www.dollpeddlar.com/) if that will be more convenient for you.

      For customers in Russia, our authorised dealer is Auction House-Dolls Life (http://www.dollslife.ru/)

      For customers who want to purchase direct from us, our e-commerce site is www.domuya.net

      At the same time, dealers who are interested in carrying our products, please feel free to email us.

      Thank you so much for the time and thank you so much Den of Angels for maintaining a BJD forum so well.
    3. The beautiful Alice



    4. More of Alice