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Domuya's Xmas Promotion & their New Perennial - Faith

Nov 21, 2008

    1. In fact, she is $397 SGD around $282 USD
      And from Dec 13th to 31st , they are having 50% off on D-1 60 Gen.1 body!
      but I am not sure which body they are talking about, Flexi Perennial or Flexi Type-S/N?
      Anyway, since Flexi Perennial is about $365, that means $183 during event! Sweet!!
    2. I can't find the link to buy her yet?
    3. Neither can I - it's Nov. 22 in Singapore already... and I'm logged in?
    4. I'm not seeing the sales page either :(
    5. D-1 60 Gen.1 body << What is Gen.1 mean ? anyone pleasetell me...
    6. In the event info is stated that the default make up is included. But on the buying site it is only option "no" make up or make up "yes" (+SGD $50). Or is that a make up option for the add. event head???

      Oh, sorry, just found it. It´s for the add. head.
    7. I think D-1 60 Gen.1 body refers to the current Flexi Type-S/N body, and Gen probably means Generation... Just like 'version 1'. They are planning to release D-1 60 Flexi2 body next year.
    8. I emailed them about verification and here's what they said,

    9. Alright, correct me if I misunderstood.

      from Dec13th to 31st, Domuya is having 50% off on D-ONE Optional Body Female -(Flexi Type-S) and D-ONE Optional Body Male -(Flexi Type-N) which are at price of $455 SGD ($323 USD)
      This is a 45cm body excluded head. With head, it's about 60cm.

      The D-ONE Optional Body Female -(Flexi Perennial) and D-ONE Optional Body Male -(Flexi Perennial) are not included in the Dec. 13th to 31st promotion sale. Those are at price of $515 SGD ($365 USD).
      With head, the doll domuya said is about 64cm.
    10. Thank you farin, for correct me ^_^

      so Domuya will discount 50% off for only type N and S ? right?

      that so bad because I just want flexi penrennial one... T[]T
    11. they say; last chance to purchase d1-60 flexibody gen 1 at 50% off.
      there are no 45 cm bodies anymore, the 50% off is for the old flexy bodies that are 60 cm. an 60 cm body without its head is aproxx 54 cm (i just measured with some of my other 60 cm body's)
      they have however an x-mass package; for 260 usd approx you have a whole domuya perrinial doll with a LOt of extra's, (extra limeted head only 200 made will not be made again after this event, model kit, extra hands and a 50% discount for the new to release flexi gen 2 body and some more i forgot)
      in the post above you can read that this package is only aprox 41 usd more than a perinnial body with 50% off...
      and you get all those xtra's...

    12. Is this confirmed as fact, or was the currency a typo on Domuya's part?
    13. There's no typo. It is written as S$397, which means SGD397. But if you use USD on Domuya's site, it shows the price of USD281.32 (more than 260, SGD is dropping dramatically now:().

    14. Yes, I used xe.com to convert currency when the news first came out.
      However, on domuya's site, the girl is now $281.32 USD
    15. On Domuya's site the mention LE's are ready to ship when they're put up for purchase. But for the events they say it can take three months to ship. Since this is an event, but it's an LE, I wonder if they will ship to receive in time for Christmas.

      On the page which shows Faith (see first post "Xmas Promotion" link), one of the pictures has all her measurements listed. The foot length is listed as 7cm, which seems to be a pretty standard SD foot size.
    16. Does anyone know what the extra LE head is yet? Someone mentioned it was on the site, but I don't see it. Maybe I'm blind though...

      I ordered her in tan. Can't wait til she arrives!
    17. I just received my shipping notice for Faith and I bought her November 25th.

      So I am guessing they were ready.