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Don't be embarrassed!

Feb 11, 2007

    1. I just read three threads and they all had the same kind of topic going on.

      "Were you embarrassed when people found out about..."

      "When I went out I felt embarrassed.."

      "It's embarrassing telling people.."

      I just wanted to say that you should never be embarrassed of something that means a lot to you!!

      It's like.. if you're embarrassed of the person you're dating you shouldn't be dating them. (if that has anything to do with this at all)

      You should be proud of your hobby, and those who look down upon it just don't understand it! People who say rude things aren't worth your time, or emotions. So don't feel ashamed at what they think. All that matters is that you love it (and that all of us here on DoA love it, too xD)!

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    2. good sentiment, Kendra!

      I suspect the embarrassment factor comes up because a lot of people just getting into the doll hobby are quite young and more concerned with what others think, as opposed to older people who feel more secure with themselves and their hobbies. Also, when you're still living with your family or with roommates you're sort of subjected to their views of what you're doing, whether you agree or not, and if they make fun or look at you funny it's hard to not be affected by that.

      I keep a lot of my doll stuff to myself, but it's not so much out of embarrassment as it is that I just keep personal matters to myself in general - they are important to me so not to be shared with just any ol' body. But if someone wants to think less of me for being a "doll person" I couldn't care less.
    3. There's nothing to be embarassed about.

      Some people walk around with expensive jewelry, right?

      I wallk around with something expensive that gets TONS more looks than a diamond. ^_^
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    4. however, i'm also embarassed because i should be spending my money on other things. being an art student, i'm in no financial position to pamper myself.....and yet.....
    5. I know I SHOULDNT be embarassed, but sometimes I can't help it... people are just insanely rude, and my confidence level isnt exactly high .___.
    6. Well, I've noticed (to below poster, CUTE ICON BTW) that the more confident you appear, the more people leave you alone.

      If people see you acting insecure with them, they'll pick you apart. But with anything you're proud of, you should be excited to have them around.

      I'm not saying take them everywhere with you, but maybe to dinner one night... or something....

      Work on that confidence!! ^_^ I have faith! Ignore the people who don't know what's going on. You probably don't understand things other people do either... BUT that's what makes us human.
    7. I agree with TrevviesBaby!
      But then I dye my hair various shades of neon pink and walk around in public so carrying around a doll is no prob for me. ;)
    8. lol I was 15 when I got my MSD, I carried him around and was so shy, until I had another girl my age come up and tell me "I wish I had one of those..." then walk off. She knew what they where and after that I never cared. >^^<

      Plus who cares what other's think? They won't be deciding your fate. xx' *tries to think that way*
    9. I just tuck one of my babies under my arm, stick out my chin and act like I'm the queen of the world XD
      No one laughs at my dolls!
      (Okay, this may have something to do with the fact that I'm a teeny bit industrial-goth and often scare small children and elderly people by the way I look)
      Don't be shy, everyone; we're making dolls FASHION <3 :D
    10. [:

      I think that as long as you are doing what you love that's all that matters..

      @illyrimur: You know.. as an art student, you're expressing yourself! So if people say it's "pampering" say that your doll is your inspiration.. or that it helps you express yourself by choosing it's personality/clothing/ etc. Actually, I feel that it's a great addition to the fact that you're an art student! Bring photographs of your doll with you so people can see how cool it really is!

      @LexehAnn: You know, when I was fourteen (this sounds odd because I'm only sixteen now) but when I was fourteen I was a little bit self conscious, too. But when I stopped trying to make other people happy, and started focusing on what I like to do/wear/say, people respected me a lot more. And you know, it actually ends up being pretty cool because you start fads of your own. I used to be the only girl in my school with pink hair, the only girl who would wear a tutu and striped stockings to school for no reason, or even bat wings (heck, I looked the way my BJD would look if I had mine yet), and once people got used to me doing the things I loved, I saw people with crazy colored hair, and I see people wear tutu's all the time now! (well, not all the time.. but occasionally.. haha.) So just be yourself and people will give you the respect you deserve, and even learn from you<3 [/cheesy]
    11. I think this is how I have definitely felt. It's one of the reasons I don't share my art and stories, unless specificially looking for feedback, with people other than those that I'm comfortable with because they're quite personal to me, and my dolls are just another extension of my art. I'm just a private person in many ways.

    12. That's the best way to do it!
      and scaring small children is just all the more fun. xD

      "BJD's are the new pink!"
    13. xD Even if someone does embarrass me (as my parents think i'm weird for buying such an expensive doll and so do my friends) I don't let 'em know! D:< I've had my hair neon purple and right now it's black/white/purple plus i wear black. Don't listen to 'em.

      I remember showing these dolls to a guy friend of mine telling i'm getting one then asking if he thinks i'm weird (He's very honest). He laughed and told me he spent lots of money on customizing his car even though it didnt' need it, he knew one person who spent 1,000 dollars on a guitar! xD It was very good advice. We all spend money on something. ;_; So don't worry about it.
    14. I think TrevviesBaby said it best: when you walk around with confidence, people tend to leave you alone. So hold your dolls in your arms with pride next time you take them out in public! :)
    15. I agree with what some previous posters have said.

      I used to run a web site in which I had photos of a doll (not a BJD) photographed in strange/cool locations all over the world. When I first started it, I was always embarrassed to take the photos. I would hide the doll in my backpack until the last possible second, then whip it out, snap a pic quickly, and pray no one saw.

      This garnered a lot of attention, because people could tell I was doing something I was ashamed of, and assumed it was bad, perverted, or otherwise deviant. Sometimes they tried to stop me. Other times they questioned me aggresively, or made rude comments.

      I took a break at one point, and when I came back to it a year later I had a very different attitude. I carted the doll around with me in the open, and acted like it was totally normal. The Vatican, Stonehenge, bars... Wherever I decided to photograph the doll, I did it as though it was the most common thing in the world. People reacted totally differently! Since I acted like it was normal, they did, too. Yes, sometimes people asked why I had a doll, but they were no longer rude about it, just curious. Tour guides who used to freak out when I took my doll photographs now actively helped me get better shots by taking the doll behind the ropes, where we normally weren't allowed to go. And so on and so on.

      Bottom line? People pay attention to the signals you give them, and react accordingly.
    16. If you're simply being true to yourself, there's nothng to be embarassed about. I know it's harder when you're younger as there's a lot of peer pressure & pressure from family to act or look a certain way but if you're expressing your real self, then hold your head high.

      Our dolls are a big part of ourselves. We create characters for them, are interactive with them & for many of us they inspire creativity. Why hide your muse? Get comfortable with yourself & the rest will come naturally.
    17. Haha, I carry my boys with me everywhere, and in public ALL the time. More often than not, I have people approach me that are very interested in them, and I always stop to answer any questions they have about the hobby. I had my Hound with me when I went into the store where I work one time, and two other associates were asking me about him...one was freaking out for how much I spent on him, the other just shrugged and said she'd spent that much on a purse, and only carried it once. Everyone has their 'thing', really, and while they may not understand why I love my boys as much as I do, I may not understand why they love their car as much as they do XD
    18. I have to confess that I am a bit embarrassed to take my girl out in public...I prefer to hide her in my bag when she's with me. It's not that I don't love her, and I could never regret buying her, but still...people in my neck of the woods can be so obnoxious sometimes, and I really do worry that someone will try to take her or damage her just to upset me. :( Hopefully one day I can get past this fear, but until then I'd like to play it safe. But I would eventually like to do what Lizzard mentioned doing and take pics of her wherever I travel!
    19. I'm embarrassed about it. I hate it when my mother tells people about it, and god forbid she ever talks about it in public. I would never take them out in public for meets or pictures, and they're at home when I'm at college.

      I know I shouldn't, but I do care very much what people think. I'm perfectly content to keep the hobby within my house and online.
    20. XDD I walk around with Nathaniel [MSD Enn] on my head. When i get a weird look, i give them a weird look and say, "What, it's a hat!"

      I've never once been embarassed about my dolls and carting them everywhere. If people stare, or point, or ask questions, it's rather FUN. And heaven knows the little blighters just love the attention. XD I'm not one of those people that looks overtly bizzarre [unless i'm having an 80's day, then the whole world wonders wtf i'm doing. XD], unlike some of the wonderfully dressed people in this thread, *bows* but it's amazing how many people will just walk up to you and talk to you because you're an adult holding a doll.

      Makes you kinda proud. :D