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DON'T Call Them "Toys."

Dec 12, 2010

    1. Does it bother the ever living [expletive of your choice] out of you when someone sees your dolls and calls them "toys" in a vicious tone that makes them seem as though they're nothing more than a cheap stack of Legos or a McDonald's Kids' Meal prize?

      Or even one someone just calls them "toys" out of ignorance?

      My god I actually shed a tear over it because it pissed me off so much. DON'T call my boys @#$@ TOYS. I find it extremely demeaning. Especially when it's said in a such a high-and-mighty tone with a prideful sneer and then a backlash of "they're worthless/pointless/stupid."

      Don't get me wrong, I actually do have quite the collection of toys (MLP, childhood stuffies, and then a few extras as I'm looking into becoming a toy designer), but if there's one thing in my room that's NOT a "toy" it's my Resin.
    2. Wow, I don't blame you. I would probably freak out and cry about it as well :/ I've never taken my doll out in public so this hasn't happened but I'm sure it will at some point. I agree with you though, toys are great its just that these dolls are NOT
    3. I don't know of many toys that cost hundreds of dollars, so Idk why they'd say things like that. Maybe they don't know the quality and price of these dolls and everything that you can do to their appearance. But no one has ever called them toys before but have treated them in such manner like "why are you still playing with dolls?", and that can bother me but I know they aren't aware they're not just children's toys.
    4. I'd be furious! But it's hard to get people to understand that these might be dolls but dolls=/=toys. My collection is just that- a collection, of art. This hobby is a lot of things- and bjds are a lot of things, but they are not toys... *grumble grumble* can't believe people can be so dense... *grumble grouch grouch*
    5. I'd be a bit annoyed, but if they have it in their head that they're toys, they're toys to them.
      But on the other hand, they'd be annoyed if we called their model scale cars and such toys.
      I think this is just one of those things you have to let slide, because it's really no use. Dolls are toys, to some people it's that simple. You can explain to them about the costumizing part and everything, but in the end, dolls are basically still toys, no matter how expensive they are.
    6. The word Toy has multiple meanings but what I most consider them most as is something that serves for or as if for diversion, rather than for serious pratical use. I totally consider these little guys my toys, no matter what they cost or how careful I may be when handling them, because I enjoy playing with them. However, I can definitely see why anyone would get upset over someone else saying something like that in a stank and belittling manner.
    7. it does annoy me!
      when people refers to your expensive, collection resin dolls as toys it usually means something like: it's stupid, childish, useless. you are so weird and such a baby to have a doll at your age.
    8. If they were trying to get a rise out of you intentionally, then yes that would be upsetting to me as well. But if they honestly didn't realize what they were saying was hurtful, I wouldn't take it too seriously.
    9. If someone is intentionally trying to be rude, like in your first example, that's just bad manners on their part, and shows their immaturity for trying to hurt you over something so harmless as a doll hobby.

      But I'm really not feelin' you on the second "out of ignorance" example, and I don't understand where the rage is coming from. They ARE toys. They're fancy, beautiful, expensive and often artistic toys, but they're still totally toys in my mind. You can't blame the average Joe for not knowing about the cost/customizing/whathaveyou. There's nothing wrong with them being "toys!" :lol: Toys rock.
    10. It does make me angry :\
      These dolls are expensive and mean a lot to me.
      But people do this just to piss you off though, therefore i ignore.
    11. I totally consider my bjds to be toys (as well as art). So are fancy MP3 players, sports cars, and other things that are unessential but give us joy. :3

      But that person you referred to in your first post sounds like a snobby jerk, so I would just tell her where to stick it!
    12. It depends on what kind of tone the person is talking to me actually. :/
      Not everyone ,especially the ones who doesn't come in touch with BJD will take it as something special because they hadn't learn to place themselves in others' shoe yet :O
      So if it's a friendly tone then I'll just smile and say nothing about it :D
      if it's something harsh,then definitely I'll give the person a spank.
    13. My dolls are toys. I call them dolls, and I sometimes call them toys, myself. They're just 'grown up' toys. Which is what I tell my boys (ages 4 and 1 1/2 years), that the dolls are 'Mommy Toys', and not meant for little boys to play with. They are my toys as much as my and my husband's gaming systems are, and far MORE than my porcelain dolls are, because I play with them. They aren't strictly display pieces. So it doesn't bother me when people call them toys. What bothers me is the TONE it can be said in, and the same tone can be used by people pointing out that they are dolls. Which they are. When it's that condescending tone, that high and mighty 'you are lower than me because you haven't outgrown such toys' I ignore them. They don't understand my hobby, often times like they have hobbies I don't understand. Mostly, once I tell them the COST of my toys/dolls, they back off, if it's someone I KNOW. Because they know me well enough to know not to push the issue. Those that push? Well, they find themselves not being invited over, or to hang out, or being talked to nearly as much as they used to. *shrugs* It's really not worth it to get upset over their ignorince, or their prejudice, towards my hobby. All that matters is that I enjoy it, not that they do, or even that they understand.
    14. Eh, it doesn't bother me. If someone was just saying it to get a negative reaction out of me, I might find myself mildly annoyed, but most times people are just describing them to the best to their ability. Doll = toy in a lot of peoples' minds. I make expensive, collectible plush dolls. I call them dolls, but my general viewers/customers call them toys all the time. It doesn't bother me.

      And to be honest, I've been on the other side of this. I find it really upsetting when people feel the need to "correct" me when I'm innocently describing something as I feel appropriate. I'm a cartoonist. I write and draw comics. I use the term "comics" to describe all types of works from strips to graphic novels to manga. Every now and then I meet someone who insists on pretentiously correcting me when I call a graphic novel or a manga a "comic". (These people are always readers, not cartoonists.) It's unnecessary and kind of insulting.

      So if someone calls my BJD a toy, I don't correct them nor do I take it personally.
    15. I didn't really elaborate on the "out of ignorance" part as it was added at the last second, that's my bad for being not as clear xD I don't get steamed when someone calls them toys when they first see them, I get mildly irked but I think that is probably because of the past experiences I had with others who know the dolls' worth.
      Also "out of ignorance" I guess I meant to include the same tone that other people used, like if someone went up to you and gave the same sneer or whatnot about them being a "toy" in a degrading way.

      And I do I agree toys ROCK, and I totally regret hiding that fact during my Middle School/High School years in an attempt to please people I didn't even know/like :XD:
      Ahh... the wonderful days of prepubescent teenhood 8C
      But I still digress, it was mostly the attitude in which it's said that annoys me the most about it. If someone said "OH, that's an AWESOME toy!" then I wouldn't take that offensively, but I may correct them on their vocabulary usage depending on the situation xD
    16. As long as it isn't meant meanly I have no problem with them being referred to as "toys."
    17. But they are toys. Big, foreign, expensive toys, but toys nonetheless. I can understand getting defensive over a condescending tone or rude attitude, but getting mad at someone using the term 'toy' is frankly quite bizarre and in my opinion, stupid. It doesn't matter to me how much money you invest in your doll, how much artistic talent you've shoved onto the thing, or how deeply thought out your special unique character is. It's a toy. It's a doll, a lump of plastic. Hell, compare it if you will to urban vinyls. Those are even less intended to be played with, and yet they are toys, are they not?

      If someone wants to get snobby and supreme about how their doll isn't a toy, but is something oh-so-greater and much more important, that's fine... don't mind me, I'll just be sitting here with my Korean $300 resin toy.
    18. This. Whether you put them in cases and never touch them or you play with them, they -are- toys.
    19. I think that personally whether they are considered a toy or not depends on each individual and what they do with their doll. I personally LOVE toys but would never consider Damane my toy. She is more like an artist's pallet and I don't think that anyone who saw how I interacted with her would consider it playing, nor would they consider her a toy. There are many other things that could be considered toys in some sense but you would never call toys because of how they are treated, stored, collected etc.
    20. They are toys. there's nothing demeaning about calling them that. Have you ever watched a child with a beloved toy? Not really alot different from us when you think about it.

      The tone would rub me the wrong way though. But saying "She's such a beautiful doll!" in the wrong tone can be infuriating.
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