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DON'T MISSUsagiHime new Carrage Bag 28$~ 30.4$ After Discount

Apr 15, 2010

    1. DON'T MISS!usagihime 兔姬new Carrage Bag 28$~ 30.4$ (After Discount )


      S :50cm X 20cm X 20cm

      M : 70cm X 20cm X 20cm

      L : 80cm X 20cm X 20cm

      As shown in photo(color on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.)

      + Price +

      S: 35$
      M: 37$
      L: 38$

      MAY1-15 order~get 20%off
      (After Discount )
      S: (28$)
      M: (29.6$)
      L: (30.4$)

      The discount does not include doll wig and other accessories

      MY Country located:Chinese mainland

      EMS : http://www.ems.com.cn/serviceguide/e-zi-fei-biao-zhun.html
      (the M list)

      500g=about 3 short wigs

      one bag about 1kg[FONT=宋体],(Does not include packaging weight The total weight of mail, based on actual packaged weight.[FONT=宋体])[/FONT][/FONT]
      [FONT=宋体]only order one bag include packaging ,about 2.5kg

      5 bags in one packaging ,about 7kg

      PS: The shipping is beyond the budget? group buy ,is the best way to sharing the Postage (*^__^*)


      paypal:fee about 3.4%+0.3usd

      支付宝:RMB only

      hope you and your doll like it~

      If you have any questions, please contact me
      i willGive you a reply as soon as i can
      and welcome pm me

      color on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.

      size S [​IMG]

      Type: Bag-S
      size: 50cm X 20cm X 20cm
      prices: 35$


      size M[​IMG]
      Type: Bag-M
      size: 70cm X 20cm X 20cm
      prices: 37$


      size L[​IMG]
      Type: Bag-L
      size: 80cm X 20cm X 20cm
      prices: 38$

    2. What is the price for each?
    3. You can show to a carrage bag from within?
      Inside there are fastenings for a doll??
    4. Very cool bags.
      What is the price for each bag and what shipping method do you use?
      It`s so expensive to ship those bags with EMS. Can you send them with registered airmail?
    5. when will this be up or sale?
    6. Thank up ~

      MAY1-10.bags on sale~

      Prices (20%)off~
    7. Yes, of course ~

    8. I know this is a weird question but what is that little boy?
    9. You can choose to use SAL ~

      S: 35$
      M: 37$
      L: 38$

    10. is volks colin~

    11. Very nice bags, I think I'm going to have to get one or two :)

      Is there a pocket in the inside? And is that a pillow in the bag with the doll? Can we get a picture of the inside of the bag without a doll in it? Thanks!
    12. Please:
      - Are all sides, bottom, and top of the bag padded? And how thick is the padding?
      - What is the weight of the empty bag?
      - Show a full length picture of the zipper side of the bag, open and empty.
      - What kind of material (nylon? plastic?) is used on the inside?

      Thank you!
    13. Can the larger bag hold two doll 60cm dolls?
    14. What is the shipping to the US? I can't find the cost.

      - ShadowHawke -
    15. Could the large bag fit two 45 cm and one 70cm?
    16. Price only bags.
      Does not contain pillow
      Photo 1 May update ~ ~

    17. * Bottom padding, 10mm foam pad
      * About 0.8K
      * May 1 update pictures, please wait
      * Nylon
      ^ _ ^

    18. to Retro_Girl_Blue
      No problem ~
      ^ _ ^

      to themasterjinn
      You can use two post ~
      EMS: 57.2
      SAL: 38.4

      to StandaloneHIMFan123
      Yes, of course ~
    19. How long does it take for orders to be processed?
    20. Is it has a lock inside the bag?
      I would like to see inside the bag please :)