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Don't trust a doll over 30?

Apr 11, 2009

  1. If it fit the character and was a good sculpt, sure!

  2. No way- I like the fact that my dolls won't age.

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    1. Would you ever buy a doll that was older, and looked it? I know some people have characters of immortals, but I haven't seen any age spots on those dolls. ;) I have to wonder if a doll with a wrinkle or two might ever sell?

      I just bought the Suikoden game for the ds, and I saw a link to pictures of the characters, and was struck by two in particular. Specifically, this lady, and this older woman. I would love to have a doll of either one of these characters. :D

      Is it ageism? Or is just more evidence of people wanting a perfect character/world and only being able to create it in dolls? If there was an option for aged dolls, what would be your cut-off in regards to aging vs. looks? Say, would you consider a 40 year old for a character, but a 60 year would be unthinkable?

      *Aw man, I messed up my title. It should be Don't Trust a Doll Over 30. :doh Hopefully it's fixed now. :sweat
    2. I don't have many characters that look much older than 30 or so, but if I really wanted to make one into a doll, I wouldn't hesitate to try and find/comission/make an older looking sculpt to suit them. It really does depend on the character I have in mind.
    3. I think if it fit the character, then yeah. and, I might actually get one, seeing as three of the four characters i have are brothers/sister, I could make a mom/dad xD
    4. I picked Seimei, the Hound I used to have, because he *did* look a fair bit older than my other dolls. He was the avatar of a character who was supposed to look about 40.

      I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd still love to have a resin version of Harumatsu & Tien Jen's grandfather... :lol:
    5. I would love to see a doll, especially one well-done, of an older variety! Also, those of more realistic shapes.

      I adore my dolls, all of them, but I do sometimes think about how we seem to have only the young and beautiful (with a few exceptions)...
    6. I'd love to see an older-looking doll! I have a character in his early thirties, the father of two other characters (brothers - 14 and "7")... And I can't find a doll for him because they all look way too young. His character is supposed to age "gracefully" but he still has some small wrinkles near his eyes, and dolls with smooth flawless skin and big eyes don't have that... older, wiser-looking feel.

      I think it's probably got to do with the fact that "youth" is considered beautiful, just like the other "beautiful" trends of these dolls. I dunno, I know some beautiful women around 40 years of age, and some really handsome men in their late 30's/early 40's... I'd like to see more of that, even though those ages are even older than my own parents. :lol:
    7. I would LOVE some well done 'older' dolls. I know that part of an issue my husband and I have been having in deciding on a sculpt for a dolly form of one of his characters is that none of them look old enough to be the character, who is between 25 and 35 depending on the RP he shows up in. It's made harder by the fact that I currently only collect MSD sized dolls, so that's the size he needs to be. We finally found one head sculpt we agree on that will work, with the right face-up, and maybe just a little bit of modding to make it look just a little older than it already does.

      I'd happily buy a well sculpted doll that looked anywhere from 30 to 60 so long as it was the right gender with the right general face and eye shape for the character I wanted it to be...and very likely one that looked older than that, too, if I were to go off from making dolls of my and my hubby's OCs and go into making dolls based on characters I like from movies and books and things.
    8. I fail to see the debate here, but for discussion's sake~

      I did actually have my Husky faceupped to be in his 50's. =3 He's my little old man; has feint wrinkles and everything.

      A doll with older features actually sculpted in though? I'd be so on that. .^_~
    9. I'd love to find a lil ole gramps of a doll! We need someone around her to keep the young'uns in line! :lol:
    10. My doll Nick is actually supposed to be about 41 or so, somewhat scruffy on occasion, and in the future of his storyline he even gets to age 60+... but his doll mold sure doesn't look that old. So I had to settle with giving him a greyish wig.

      I wouldn't mind if there were some older-looking dolls out there, nope.
    11. One doll I'm trying to got hold of (DBDoll Ronger) is for a character of mine by the name of Serauunin. Serauunin is 817 years old - essentially the age of an 80-year-old human as they live to about a thousand. He will certainly be a little wisened for sure, blind though he isn't the frail old man type. There need to be more older dolls, they aren't often seen.

      For the actual sculpt to be older, well why not? I think that would be a great idea. I guess it is more of a concept of youth being more beautiful or something. I don't know, nothing wrong with any character who is closer or over their 50s (several of my doll's characters are over 30, so I won't make that comparison)
    12. I do have a doll who looks 40-ish.

      I did a MNM head of Viggo to look like Frank Hopkins and he has wrinkles around his eyes and across his forehead.

      see him here
      and he looks even older in BnW

      He's the older gentleman here.
      I actually am glad the sculpt was not overly detailed with wrinkles.
      It made it easier to put them where I wanted them.
      I think the smoothness of the dolls faces we see now are a plus for face ups.
      A good artist can put any face they want on them.
    13. That is a really interesting question. I dont purposely buy dolls because they are young. At least no consciously but I do like dolls that look like sweet girls. I think it is because when I was a kid I loved dolls. I had tons all over my room and I loved to dress them up like my mom dressed me up.
      That being said if I was buying a doll as a character then age wouldnt matter.
      I buy my dolls to dress up and look at so for me a wrinkly old doll would be scary. Plus I could just look in the mirror to see wrinkles LOL.
      I would be interested in seeing older dolls but I am not sure for me I would collect them.
      I wanted to add I finally clicked on the link above and not at all scary. He is actually quite handsome. Okay there is my two cents. :)
    14. I would love to see a 30+ looking doll! Most of the dolls throughout history (I'm no doll historian so I could be wrong I guess) have always been young, and they've also been primarily female, too, and there are tons of male BJD's now, why not an older BJD?

      ....But alas, I would never be able to handle one. I am aging-phobic. I hate the idea of getting old and wouldn't be able to have a doll with visible signs of age to remind me where I'm going to end up one day.
    15. I would love to have dolls that looked older/aged become available on the market. My characters exist on a timeline. So their doll bodies are really like "snapshots" of a certain point in their lives. I can manage some wiggle there, with a single doll pulling off an age range of about 16 or so up through early or mid 30s, but I'd love to be able to go even farther forward.
    16. I think the idea of someone "looking their age" in reference to older people is a stigma that we as humans place on things. Not all people over 30 'look it' and some people under 30 'look old'. We naturally associate imperfections with age because as your body breaks down, imperfections become more prominent (tired eyes, wrinkles, paleness/age spots, etc).

      All humans have a natural adversion to imperfection because it implies age which implies approaching death.

      Now, more on topic, if a doll was made to 'look 30', does that mean he/she would need wrinkles? Age spots? Not necessarily. There is a distinct shape and structure to people who have reached peak and I think it could be accurately portrayed without the need for the imperfections.

      Volks actually has a "Mother Dollfie" in their possible lineup of dolls to make. It was shown as a silhouette alongside the SD10, SD13, and SD16. Big dolly, would probably be 1/2 scale. Would she have a certain 'drawn' angle to her face? Probably, in a subtle way. She'd probably look like.. the wholesome version of a celebrity mom.

      Is there a possibility of 'mature' women dolls? Of course, just look at porcelain dolls and other collectables. You have dolls ranging from bitty infants to great grandmas. Is it likely? Not so much. Why? Think about it- Half of a BJD's charm is its body sculpt. Who would realistically want.. a realistically sculpted grandma body? Porcelain or cloth dolls don't have to worry about such things, they're not anatomically correct, but BJDs.. well, we'll try not to think about it for now.

      As for a mother dollfie being anatomically correct, so long as they are kind to her figure and assume that she got back to exercising and eating right after the kids, then heck yeah. I'm tempted to use a term here that is one letter off from 'MILK', but I won't go there :sweat
    17. I don't think age translates to BJDs well. Another style of doll, maybe. I'm not a big fan of the hyperrealistic MNM style, though. I understand and appreciate that in real life, people have different appearances and that it's admirable and charming in its own way... but my dolls are meant to be attractive young people. If there is an older character I like, I will appreciate them in other venues.

    18. As far as the older men bjd's, sounds good to me, I have two characters one is their mid late twenty and the other in his mid 30's. I like variation from young to old sculpts. Realistic to anime-ish, I like them all, they just have to be attractive or super creepy. But it all depends on the person what their interpretation of good taste or style is.

      As for the [All humans have a natural adversion to imperfection because it implies age which implies approaching death.] lol, I would LOVE a wrinkly, zombie BJD. Or a half rotting BJD, injured or scarred.
    19. For me, most of my characters are younger (16-26), so I want my dolls to reflect that.

      There are older characters within the stories, but they're either characters I don't personally love or not big enough within the stories to want to have a doll of. (Although, in all honesty, I plan to have my main girl, her husband, and two other guys and that's it).
    20. LOL. This is a great thread for discussion!

      I would definitely buy a BJD that was old looking, especially if it fit the character I had in mind! But honestly most of my BJD character's in mind are 30 looking and under. So I really think it's up to the person if they wanted a older looking doll or not.