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Don't you wish the companies would use several faceups in their photos?

Jun 10, 2010

    1. I do. I think it would also be nice if every doll listed showed the blank head as the last photo and a full nude doll shot so you can see what you are buying.

      But seriously, even if the company did not offer different faceups for each sculpt; I believe it would help sales as well as the buyer's decision when choosing dolls. It can be difficult to find owner photos of certain sculpts in order to determine if the sculpt is right for what you want.


      thoughts, feelings?
    2. I agree about the nude shot and blank face definitely. These are things I really want to see and so many companies just don't show them. For me body sculpt is as important in my choice of doll as head sculpt. It would be nice to see the doll with different face ups as well. Sometimes with newer dolls there just aren't any on DOA that I can look at for owner pictures.
    3. I totally agree! Some companies do in fact do this, like NotDoll. And I'd like to see the blank dolls even more--it really helps to understand the sculpt.
    4. Yes, this would be quite helpful. I would love to see the blank mold at the end of the beautiful pictures, especially if there were head-on shots as well as profile.
      Usually there is a picture of the naked body to be found somewhere on the site, even if it is not conveniently located at the bottom of every doll's page.
      Honestly, what I would really like to see is the standard faceup available on the different tones of resin available. I find that I am torn between NS and WS on my next two doll purchases, and part of my issues is that I love the default faceup, but can't decide if it would look as good in the WS because only the NS is shown. Half of my collection now is in WS, so it would not be out of place for me to get the dolls in WS. Decisions, decisions! ^_~
    5. When I purchased my Customhouse Ange dolls, I went through the site and looked at clothes pictures and their "limited" dolls that shared the face sculpt to see different wigs and faceups on the same sculpt. It surely would have been more convenient if the pictures were all in the same place, but I didn't mind looking at more pictures of cute little dolls to see different looks for the same sculpt. :)

      I agree on the sentiment of the blank face pictures, though, I'm always really happy to see those when companies provide them.
    6. Hmm well...I've never had a problem with figuring out sculpts and stuff, so I don't mind at all what they do. It would make it easier to post blanks though, that I agree with.
    7. I would like if they showed the doll blank, just to see what the mold exactly looks like without a face-up. It's quite usefull to get to know the sculpt, though it's not too hard to find a blank head just to look at on DoA unless it's a newer doll like iris0110 said.
      It would be very cool to have different face-up options, not exactly custom face-ups just...two or three options like sometimes offered for event heads or limited heads.
    8. It would be nice, but a bit weird if they don't actually offer more than one faceup- why should they show something they don't sell?
    9. I definitely would like if companies would show a photo of a blank sculpt. That way, you can see what you're really working with. It would also be cool if they showed different faceups (though it would be strange if they didn't offer them as options) that way you can get an idea of how...versatile the sculpt can be. After all, though I'm still new to this hobby, even I can see that a small change in detail, like eyebrow positioning, can immensely change the whole appearance of the doll.
    10. I think the other thing with seeing the full nude doll is to let you judge how the head actually looks on the body. I've seen some head sculpts that just plain look out of proportion on the body they are supposed to be on. It is hard to judge when the doll is dressed all cute but becomes really obvious when it is nude.
    11. I don't particularly care if companies show a doll with more than one faceup or not, but when they do, it is quite nice, even if they don't offer more than one type of faceup for purchase. Luts does this with several of their dolls, actually. ^^

      What I really want is to see blank pics of the sculpt! A faceup can very much obscure the facial features, and anything but a natural, neutral faceup tends to be hard to "see around". >.< I love how so many smaller artists and Chinese companies show blank sculpts, especially newer ones. <3
    12. I DEFINITELY would love it if companies always showed the blank face, plus the nude body (even if it doesn't have the same head---just getting an idea of scale/body type would be great without having to search through their "parts" sections)

      There are so many ways I would adjust these business models though, this would just be a drop in the bucket! :lol:
    13. Actually I've never really felt the need to see more faceups on a doll. I'm pretty good at seeing through the faceup to what a doll actually looks like and envisioning my own faceup on it. I do think showing the nude doll is important but I've never run into an instance where I couldn't see the body on the company site. It's not always listed on each doll's page, but you can usually find it under "option parts" or something.
    14. I don't mind that most companies only show one face-up; it would be a little weird to me if they showed several but only one was available. I definitely agree with wanting to see the blank sculpt, though. Sometimes it's hard to track down blank photos of certain sculpts, and I like seeing the head without any face-up before I decide to buy it.
    15. I would love for them to show more face up options on the same page. I've seen it on random pages at times if at all. I find that I could get a totally diferent feel of the doll with the right faceup. Blank is also good, but mostif thetime I'm not judging just the sculpt itself. My two larger dolls are dolls I originally didn't like at first until I saw owner pics and different looks and now I just love them to death XD
    16. actually i think the default face up that companies show is enough
    17. If they offered more than one faceup, I could see the need. In most cases I get them blank or wipe their default, so the faceup isn't usually a focal point. As for seeing how they might look this way and that, I kind of enjoy finding out for myself. Blank pics are nice but not necessary for me.

      This is all just what I care/don't care about, though. I could certainly see why people would want to see blank pics etc., to help them make their expensive purchase. Honestly, my only thing is that I just wish companies would show the backs of shirts so I know if I have to take the doll's head off to put the thing on . . .
    18. That would be great, but I'm going to go track down every single owner picture in existence anyway, so for me it's not totally necessary. XD; But when I started out I was like "wtf, show more!" so yeah.. I don't get why companies don't show more style options (even if they don't offer all the faceups they show, they could appeal to more people by showing the versatility) or even have sufficient pics of what the body can do... (not just nude front and back, but poses that show all the joints bending... I think it's necessary to see) you'd think it would be beneficial to THEM, wouldn't it? It sometimes gives me the impression they're not proud of what they're selling. D: If so, then MAKE A BETTER DOLL that you WANT to show off.
    19. I don't know about many different faceups. I always want to see a blank head, so when I search owner's photos that's the first thing I'm looking for. Makeup can distort or enhance something that isn't there. I want to see what I'm getting underneath it.
    20. I am always thrilled to see blank sculpts. So yes, I would love it if more companies offered blank pictures.