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Update DOP new website has been re-operated.

Mar 14, 2011

    1. Dear:

      DOP website has been re-operated.
      New site: www.yourdop.com
      Dop will be combined operation with KIZDOLLS. The old kizdolls website will be closed in April.

      We apologize for you about website revision whith led a great deal of trouble in buseness.

      We are sorry,but all members sign up again
      The new website was not compatible with old website, so we can’t move members information to new website .Sorry for the inconvenience.

      By the way, we creat a coupon to celebrate the new website, new registered members will receive a coupon worth $ 2.00.In the future, we will supply various forms of coupon activity aperiodically.And coupon information will be sent to your e-mail, please note.

      Some of products have been sold out,some of products price have been adjusted.
      And some new products have been update.

      Dolls of Paradise has its new arrivals of Mar. 2011
      “Diamond Dancer “ for MSD boy
      “Shadow Lady” for SD/SD13 girl
      "Some wigs "for SD/SD13/MSD/Yo-SD
      Now you can order the items if you like on our new website

      Diamond Dancer

      Shadow Lady


    2. When creating membership to see State/Province in English select your country at the bottom of the list, otherwise it shows up in kanji.