DOP's 2nd Year Anniversary~

Jun 10, 2010

    1. Doll Of Paradise will be celebrating its 2nd Year Anniversary. Thank you for your care and support in the past two years. We will be having special events for our clients all through the month(from10 th to 30th).

      ♥ the limited outfits of 2nd Year Anniversary ---The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

      "Dorothy" for SD/SD13 girl


      "Scarecrow Porcelain"for SD/SD boy


      "Tin Man Porcelain" for SD17 boy


      "Cowardly Lion Porcelain"for Yo-SD boy


      ♥ special sales & discount pre-order


      more than 10 styles of apparel are on special sales.

      more than 20 styles of apparel are on discount pre-order.

      More events, more concessions, more surprises, all in