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Dorky Dolly Nicknames

Sep 12, 2016

    1. (If something like this already exists, please merge--my search fu may not be up to par)

      So, I know that there's a LOT of threads about your dolls' actual names, but I'm wondering: do your dolls also have nicknames? Even unflattering ones?

      I ask because all my dolls, literally every single one of them, has a rather. . . unflattering nickname.

      Agatha Heterodyne: "Boobsy McBoobsalot", due to her intimidating DDDy cleavage
      Nanoha Takamachi: "Nano-Ham", because I am never quite prepared for her being so photogenic.
      Homura Akemi: "Princess Grumpybutt". I think this image explains it perfectly.
      Miku Hatsune: "Trollface", or sometimes "My Little Sociopath".
      Abby Normal: "The Moe Bomb".

      And collectively, they're sometimes "the girls", but when I'm feeling snarky they're "the plastic midgets".

      So, do your dolls have nicknames? How did they get that nickname? Is the nickname part of the character, or specific to the doll version?
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    2. I call my Cerisedolls Ellana the Taco Princess because her carry case is a bit like a soft taco shell lol
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    3. I don't even have my doll yet and he's already been nicknamed "the raisin" because my roommate misread "resin" |D
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    4. Regarding silly nicknames, I often refer to my Feeple65, Teiwa, as Peituda, which in Portuguese means a female with huge boobs, for obvious reasons, haha. That's a bit of a biased nickname though considering all my girls are very... well endowed. I used to refer to Haruka as "Ex-Rain" too for a while, because the doll used to shell a character named Rain and between me realizing the sculpt wasn't suited for the character and me actually getting used to calling her by the new name I kept referring to her by the old name, so I stuck an ex in front of it to remind me she was no longer Rain, haha.

      As for normal nicknames, I always refer to Teiwa as Tei and Haruka as Haru, to the point where my friends and family sometimes forget those aren't their actual names. My penguin doll Pinguinho I sometimes refer to as various words meaning tiny, baby, tiny penguin, you get the idea...

      And then there's Saga who doesn't have any nicknames, be they silly or normal. Poor girl's feeling left out.

      Also, I do refer to my group of dolls collectively as "the girls" too, which is a habit I got from my mom. I'm probably going to have trouble avoiding it when I actually do get a boy doll to go with the group.
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    5. Even though I try to name my dolls seriously, their "unflattering" nicknames somehow end up being their actual names. Three samples being: Meow Meow (is a cat), Baby Booty (tiny doll with dat ass) and Cheese (too long of a story to explain this one).

      This might be due to my roommate's bad influence... her dolls also suffer from the affliction, such as: Sneaky Snuu, and Mew Tyson (has face tattoos like Mike Tyson, but is a loli cat. Hence MEW Tyson)

      P.s. LoL @ Moe Bomb >w<
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    6. I love this thread! So here are some silly (which I think is silly anyways LOL) nicknames of my dolls which btw, I often call them from time to time ^_^

      CHAOS-Butthole/Buttface (I'm sorry for the words) I call him this whenever we are with our closest friends and relatives. My Mom actually "Christianize" him this name when she told me with the crazy looking expression he has "His face looks like an angry butt XD" (Doesn't make sense yah I know >3<)
      HAVOC-Bakla- it's actually a Filipino word for Gay. Havoc likes pink so much and likes dressing in pink and he likes pretending he's a woman >3<
      SAINT-Sensenmaru/ Clueless Loser- He actually have two nicknames. Personally I like calling him Sensen because it kinda sound silly cute but my family said that he kinda looks like he's too cute to know anything at all XD Well kind of true since in my story, Saint is illiterate in everything. He likes to ask questions a lot and there are still a lot of things he barely knows. And as for the Loser part, my sister said that if Saint is a real person, he would be a loser that would always be bullied because of his innocent stupidity (poor Sensen I love him anyways <3)
    7. Moz... is Moz' nickname, which he feels is undignified coming from anybody he doesn't already have a certain amount of love and trust towards (which is almost nobody), so... he hates that. But since he is a disembodied head, there's not a lot he can do about nicknames.

      Vince doesn't have a lot of nicknames... nothing I think of as a nickname, though I'm sure I call him things other than his name now and then.

      Pete is 'the white rabbit', and even more dorky, 'White & Nerdy'. Or... really, any variation on 'nerd', for all that he likes to be stylin'. (as more dignified nicknames go, one of my relatives, blanking on his name, referred to him as my 'pale gentleman', which sounds kind of spooky and cool).

      I call Billy a hobbit all the time, or like 'tiny elf'/'halfling'... 'lucky the leprechaun' I haven't really tossed out at him, but... yeah. Since he's an adult character in a tiny little chibi body, most of my nicknames for him revolve around his being itty-bitty and cute.
    8. Not my doll, but my friend has a notoriously grumpy doll that she was having trouble bonding with. He wound up not really having a name, but he did a nickname: B***h Doll.
    9. I had my first doll for many years before I finally got a silicone wig cap for her. Because of this, it was hard to get her wigs to stay on for longer than five minutes. She got called "Baldy" and "The Wigless Wonder" for a long time. Now her hair behaves because she's got a proper cap under there, but I still think of her as Baldy at times.
    10. None of my girls have nicknames per se...but my Minifee Liria Orchid has the most seriously b*****y face up ever, so I'm sure the people she sees in LA have plenty of names for her. I collectively refer to my dolls as "the girls" or "the big-eyed girl brigade" because I tend to collect retro dolls with huge noggins and giant eyes.

      I have a list of big-eyed girls I need to collect, don't doubt me. :p
    11. My incoming doll still needs a name but he's been nicknamed Kyoya by my mom who thinks he looks like Kyoya Ootori from Ouran highschool host club (it was the first anime that actually caught her attention) and now he's at the risk of actually being named Kyoya Ughh that so doesn't go with the rest of my crew but it's my go to name for him oh well at least he was my favorite character
    12. I don't have any unflattering names for my dolls but they do end up acquiring nick names. I call my boy Mordekai Kai, or my cinnamon roll, and I call my girl Hazel little nut brown hare.
    13. i LOVE this thread. all of my boys have at least one weird nickname!

      nicky is nickypoo. cassidy is cassiekins. jamie becomes jimjam. tristen is usually just ten, but @JE11897 has taken to calling him pissy baby. which is pretty accurate. nicky also gets called brat, princess, baby, babu, and many other expletive-laden names. i love that piece of resin.
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    14. I call my boy "Mister" a lot, especially when I can't get him to pose how I want. And sometimes I call my girl "Crap Body", because her body is awful.
    15. Oho yes this happens at my house.
      Lir (in my avatar pic) has always been Mister Scruffy.
      Elinore, on an Aoi Tuki Tukihime body, is Fatbottomed Girl.
      Don, the EID Akando, sometimes gets called the Incredible Hulk.
      Winter is Pretty Boy, with his long poetic wavy hair.
    16. The doll in my icon is an Iplehouse Kamau, his personal name is Akhenaten, Etienne, or just Ten for short. My Iplehouse Carina is named Epiphany Epitome Paragon, or Piff for short. My Iplehouse Lahela is named Ankhsenamun, or Sin as a nickname.
    17. I don't really have specific nicknames for either of my dolls, but I've gotten into a habit of calling anything I find cute a "li'l booper," and my dolls didn't escape the nickname. I own a snake, who was my first "booper," because booping snakes' noses is adorable. Well, now anything that can have a booped nose is now my "booper." Both Zenith and Frankie become my "li'l boopers" when I'm working with them.:nowords:
    18. It's not so much a nickname for an individual, but the place my dolls live in is called the "Cabinet of 100% Protection From Unwanted Pregnancies and STDs". This cabinet overlooks my bed and faces the front door so any one I bring home, that's the first thing they see. It's more effective than any other known method of contraception and has never failed me.

      The cabinet with all my anime figurines is the Cabinet of Shame. Lots of anime tiddy in there, hence the name.

      As for the dolls themselves, I'm an irredeemable and unrepentant weeaboo but also Australian, so my dolls get the Australian treatment of having only the first syllable but with the weeaboo flair. Kan-chan, Nade-chan. Mako-chan is a boy, though.

      I have my own Princess Grumpybutt too, and I think it is a very appropriate name. :)
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    19. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this stuff, then. "Baldy," "B**ch Doll", "Fatbottomed Girl". . . seriously, guys, these nicknames are GOLD.

      . . . I just realized, my Cuartos Darkhorn doesn't have a nickname even though I've had him for a year. Strange.

      I've also got a new girl incoming circa December, so we'll see what she gets saddled with. XD
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    20. Oh boy do I have some nicknames for my dolls :XD: some from myself, but often a collaborative effort between friends discussing their characters.

      Karis: Green Bean (I forget who called him this or something similar, but it stuck)
      Rain: Giant Woman (my first SD girl, arrived around when I was getting into Steven Universe so I kept singing the song from the show)
      Clarissa: Issa (is her 'formal' nickname, accepted as her character, can't think if she has an unflattering name at the moment)
      Ovelha: (oh boy she has a list here) Sheep-Bab, Shep, Shoop, Sheep Queen (She is a sheep spirit so these are all derived from sheep one way or another)
      Ovelhinha: Baab-Chan, or just Baab (she's an Sio2 Bleater, very small, very adorable, nickname given by @kazejustfelldown)
      DJ Gloomy: Knifecat (the likeness is amazing), DJ Bae
      Aries: Sheep Mom, Sheep Mama, or just Mama, Space Shoop (She's Ovelha's mother, made of the constellation Aries)
      Lucca: Lulu, Wolfy, Fuckboy, WereWoly McWerester, Pupper (He's my douchebag werewolf, apologies for language but it is accurate for him)