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DoT boy Astrologer Camine?!

Dec 2, 2005

    1. http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e51790287 FRIG HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS!!! It looks like official stuff!!!! Maybe it is on Korean DoD site, but I don't have time to check (late for work) but it's not on Eng site!!!! ARGH SO COOL~~~!!

      Sorry for double post in Cyworld thread I just fixed that O_o I am freaking out! lol
    2. Holy crap... I was pretty much uninterested until I saw that shirt off with the back tattoo. Gorgeous!
    3. He's gorgeous. *___*!!! Thank you for sharing! I'm sure it's gonna go for something insane. I love his design!
    4. JS (the faceup artist/seller/photographer) is also the photographer for DoD, which is why the photos look so professional and official. S/he has done auctions in the past that were just as beautiful. I believe this is just a one-off, though, a customized Camine that is not available except through this auction.
    5. What a beautiful camine~ I <3 the back tattoo!
    6. Oh man. I've got no words for that.
    7. This is something Lauryn had posted, and she also said this:

      But WOW does he look awesome!
    8. If you check JS website (JS is the DOD photographer) tou can see that he is listed under auctions under the "Shop" page... so, he is probably a custumized by JS version that he is auctioning... sorry 'bout the english, I'm sleeeepy!
    9. I think its the tattoo that does it for me.

      Also, does that person sell clothing seperately sometimes, or just on custom dolls?
    10. Oh...wow... he's beautiful!! : D The tattoo os so sexy!
    11. JS has sold clothing on auction before, but I think they're usually elaborately frilly girls' dresses, if I remember correctly...
    12. www.jspicture.com ---> go to "Shop".. he sells outfits sometimes too ^^
    13. :drool :drool :drool oh, holy crap.

      gorgeous, gorgeous doll in every way. omg.
    14. It says custom in the pictures. Yea, he's gorgeous <333
    15. Okay, any one know a good tattoo artist? I'd love to get a tattoo like that on my Camine, but I wasn't planning on ordering him for a few more months...
    16. How much do you think he will go for?
    17. That is just too awesome for words. Especially that tattoo, my god!

      The wig looks like a modified version of the Shall default wig. What do you guys think?
    18. Wow.
      The outfit... :D
    19. Really hight.... REALLY hight.
    20. I looooveeee his make-up :love
      do DOD accept to do make-up that r not from their option color make-up list?
      edit: forgot to say that he is very beautiful and very cool looking too! :D