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DoT boy Clothing?

Dec 19, 2005

    1. I was curious, what clothes fit DOTs? Can they wear SD10 or SD13 clothes at all? Do the 4cm that separate them from many other BJDs really make a difference?
    2. as far as I've heard sd13 pants are a bit short, so they'll probably be better with hound sized pants.

      I don't know about shirts though.
    3. Does anyone have a Camine or Lahoo and can tell me what it'd look like if i bought a hound sized shirt and pants for him? Would they be extra baggy and cute? or extra baggy and bad looking?
      Pictures would be awesome if anyone has any. ^_^
      and sorry if this is already asked, i went back a lot of pages and didn't see anything, but i could have missed something. >_<
    4. >_< anyone~?
    5. I'd really like to know this too. I imagine the pants would fit. They have the same waist measurements but you'd probably have to hem the bottoms. I'm curious about the shirts and coats. Hmm..
    6. Id LOVE to get oversized baggy jeans for my boy MSD..problem is having them fit at the waist, and I dont know where I can get jeans that are at least an inch too long and a teensy bit baggy *sigh*
    7. They do have the same waists? Then pants might work. I wonder where i could find the measurements of a hound to compare to DoT..
    8. Found the measurements you wanted!

      Height: 70cm
      Eyes: 14mm
      Head circumference: 23.5cm (9.2 inch)
      Neck circumference: 11.2 cm
      Chest: 16.5cm
      Shoulder width: 15.8cm
      Shoulder To wrist: 22cm
      Elbow to wrist: 10.2cm
      Back length: 16cm
      Waist circumference: 22cm
      Hips Circumference: 27cm
      Hips to ankle: 40.4cm
      Knee To ankle: 18cm
      Foot: 8.7cm

      DOT Boys:
      Height: 64cm
      Head: 21.6cm (8.5")
      Neck: 9.5cm
      Chest: 24cm
      Width of shoulder: 13.5cm
      Waist: 20cm
      Shoulder to wrist: 19cm
      Neck to waist: 13cm
      Hip: 26cm
      Hip to knee: 17.5cm
      Knee to ankle: 19cm
      Length of foot: 7.5cm
      Width of foot: 3.4cm
      Eyes: 16mm

      So they're pretty similar in a lot of ways. Hope this helps you. ^^
    9. Wow thankyou! That is very helpful thankyou much! ^_^
    10. You're very welcome. ^^ I'd still like to see Hound's clothes *on* one of them.. maybe someone will come through for us?
    11. I've been thinking of buying an Sd13 suit from Iplehouse (waiting for Luts to restock is a friggin' joke x_x ). It'd be for a DOT boy, so I pose the question to you: how big are the suits? They say it's designed "longer for long legs and tall A1 child", but what does this mean? If anyone has a CP boy with one of these suits , I'd love to see/hear how it fits. Likewise, is it very big/long on standard Sd13s?

      Thanks so much, everyone. ^^
    12. I have an SD13, Sweet Dreams Lucas, and I bought one of the wool suits for him. The suit fits perfectly, and the pants are long, but not overly so.
    13. I have the Ocher Luts suit. The pants fit fine on my Lahoo. The bottom of the pants barely touch the top part of Lahoo's feet. It's ankle length. I would actually prefer the pants length be a little longer, but it looks Ok because my boy's wearing boots. Hope that helps.
    14. That's EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. Thank you!! *3*!!!
    15. I’ll be ordering my Sha soon and I’d like to get some clothes for him while I wait for his arrival, but I’m not quite sure what will fit him. Sha looks like he has longer legs than some SDs so I’m a bit worried about buying jeans for him. I have a good local source for Elfdoll Wu clothes, but I think Wu is shorter than Sha. :?

      Also I’m willing to make clothes for him and have printed out several SD patterns, but without the doll, it’s going to be hard to check the fit.

      Any thoughts? I just don’t want my poor boy to sit around starkers after he comes out of the box until I can take him clothing shopping!

      Any info would be helpful! :)

      And before anyone flames me – I did try a search of this subject in several forums. I found size comparison for the MSD dolls, but not for Sha, Camine and Lahoo.
    16. Im with you on this..I have a pantsless, naked Camine...the pants are the worst part. I have a friend making gauchos for him, which we eventually will sell in our store once we have the pattern right. damn the DoTs for being too beautiful to pass up and too hard to shop for....lol
    17. *shameless self-promotion* I can make just about anything for the DoT boys and my prices are quite reasonable. I don't have a lots of pics up for him on my site yet (since I got him like a week ago) but I have patterns for all kinds of clothes. http://www.LindsaysCorner.com :daisy
    18. I noticed that my Lahoo has a much slimmer waist than my Volks boys. So it looks like I can only get customized pants for him. *_*
    19. I think that's the situation my Sha will be in for awhile. Poor guy! lol And I agree with you - pants are indeed the worst part. I can make t-shirts and tank top easily, but pants - ARG!
    20. Thank you :) Its good to have some options!