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DoT Camine and Sha faces--the same?

Aug 10, 2006

    1. Oh no...now i'm now in love with Dream of Doll. But i have one question and hope someone can answer it: are the face molds used for the DOT "Camine" and "Sha" the same or are there some slight variations that my amateur eyes can't detect? Is "Sha" just "Shall" on a boy's body (like the writeup suggests)? All three of them look very similar. It's not a make-or-break thing, but i am wondering--so many pretty dolls...:chibi Thanks!
    2. They're different. Sha has the same head as Shall.
    3. *is an amateur* Thank you kindly.:)
    4. yep, and the head molds ducan and camine are the same except the eyes are different....tender camine(should the question arise later)^__^
    5. No their different, If you look at the mouth and eyes.
    6. You can really notice the difference between Camine and Sha if you compare the heads without faceups. Camine has a wider mouth and his eyes are a different shape. I think they also have different nose sizes. :O From what I know the only difference between Sha and Shall is they are slightly different sizes to fit either the boy or girl body. Other than that they should be about identical.
    7. Camine and Duncan are slightly different, but the difference is really hard to notice.
    8. From my perspective, Ducan looks more like Lahoo... >.> Or am I just seeing things?
    9. Ducan's nose looks like Lahoo but that's about it. I think the fact that the eyes are tender is misleading, I'm pretty sure it's a Tender Camine. x_X
    10. I don't think Ducan is a T.Camine.. if he was.. they would state him as a T.Camine instead of Ducan. Plus, if ducan is a T.Camine, you would think DoD cyworld would put Ducan in the same section as Caminie, like how they did for Shall, T.Shall, and Sha.

      Thats just what I think though. I guess we wont know until the regular version of "tender" Duncan comes out.
    11. Yes, Camine and Sha have different head molds. Their noses, mouths, and eye shape is a bit different. nwn It's a little hard to notice when they have a face up.

      Yeah, Ducan is a tender Camine, I think the only reason they gave him a different name is because of the ears and nails- Ducan is strictly limited so when they come out with a de-elfed and de-clawed version of Ducan it will most likely be titled "Tender Camine." X3
    12. The only difference between Sha and Shall is the size of the neckhole.They modified Sha's neckhole so that it would fit the boy body:)
    13. The only reason Camine and Ducan look different is because of the painting I think.....Calling him Tender Camine wouldnt fit very well in the story they made for him....he's a modded Camine, so Ducan. Without ears, Tender Camine
    14. they are very similar, but side-by-side comparisons will reveal smalllll differences. i had the same question when sha first came out.
    15. I'm actually not sure if the neck hole sizes are different between Sha and Shall. ^^; I have no idea how the other DoT boys heads fit, but I know I had to sand my Sha's neck to keep him from being bobble headed. (see this LJ post if you're curious)
    16. actually i was wondering the same thing. it's hard to tell since they don't have a Sha head up for sale by itself< just Camine, Shall and Lahoo>. but i think his face looks different from Shall's, because her lips appear more persed<is that how you spell it?> even with out the face up.

      it prolly doesn't matter to much, they're both beautiful XD.
    17. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :daisy
    18. ..No one has said this yet but camine's eyefold is bigger than sha.
      And tha'ts giving me a hard time to decide which one i want. X_X
    19. well i saw a tender shall in the database that looked almost exactly like a ducan.. it was amazing, i didnt beleive it was a tender shall.