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DoT Collection Black Ducan

Jul 2, 2007

    1. Is the DOD Collection Black Duncan only going to be sold at the Hong Kong event, or will it be made available later? I'm not sure how the DOD collection dolls work, so I am curious. I really want him, but I don't want tot go to Hong Kong to get him.:|


      Hard to see, but he has vampire fangs. There are better pictures at the DOD website.:)
    2. HOLY! o_o That's not right making him available only in Hong Kong....
    3. I just ljed about him earlier! Yes, only at HK dollism plus. And I don't think there's many there either so no chance for us (until probably later auctions)

      He has fangs! (not sure about the face-up though) The outfit is nice. NO FAIR
    4. WOW! That boy is gorgeous.
    5. I think I am in love with the fangs!
      I hope he will be for sale on the site as well..

      Hmm someone going there who might have a shot at picking him up but is not interested in the doll?
    6. He is a Ducan! He is balck! He is a vampire/elf! I am going to faint!!!! I would even give my Sorren for this doll! It's like a doll from my dreams! He's got everything I like!! I mean how mane black vampire elves have you seen??? And it happens to be my second favorite mold! (DOT Lahoo is my first)

      However after a few minutes of panicing and screaming I got a reality check. I will never be able to get him or have a chance to get him, since he is only sold in Hong Kong and not online and not to mention that he will defenitely go for 2000$ maybe even 3000$ in the second market.
    7. OH WOW.
      first tan doll to ever grab me like that.
      ...omg. hongkong... so close... and yet so far... T____T

      ...he's really gorgeous... o_o;;
    8. I love the colour of his resin. and he is just yummy. i am not a huge fan of the fangs but i would still DIE to have him.....I love the tanned DOTs!
    9. You won't believe this, my aunt and uncle are in Hong Kong for holiday right now and will be in kowloon in a few days, I was supposed to go with them but spent too much money on dollies so I let it go, and now I'm missing this wonderful event that I could attend if I wasn't so reckless!!! Boo hoooo T_________T can't believe that they will be there, and I can't contact them any way to inform them about the event , to tell them to go there , I sent an e-mail but I'm not sure they will receive it, I wanna die!!!! Hope they'll see the e-mail!!!
    10. woo~~he is hot, I love his wig and outfit....

      hmmm...according to the dollism plus website, there will be only 2 sets of black elf ducan for auction....=v=
      so it's still hard to get even you attend the event in HK
    11. ONLY 2 SETS?? That would go more than $3000 for second market!!


      DOD you're so unfair!!! >,<
    12. OMG! I just saw him on the news thread and came here...only 2? :o T____T

      All of him is PERFECT *________* I love him...I want him...OMG...
    13. It might be that they will have two for auxctions and the rest for regular retail.. It is not uncommon *keeps fingers crossed*

      This doll is :aheartbea
    14. So...beautiful...*foams* I hope they do sell it SOMETIME in the future to be shipped..
    15. OMG , just 2 of them, I guess that's a lil' comforting for me , since even if I was there I wouldn't be able to buy him, but I would love to be there anyway...whatever... :(
    16. ... Okay; Tanned, elf, vampire. Is that not THE ultimate doll?! I will never have him but I must admit I'm happy to stare at the pictures on the DOD site. (Still, I hope some on DoA does get one so we can see him.)
    17. wow i like he's poses in DOD pictures. looks hot and smexy XD
    18. His skin colour is so beautyful! :D
    19. Maybe there will be a standard release! (hopeful wishing):|
    20. Oh, only two sets?! Oh no! I guess that means there's no way he'll be released internationally! Aw, so disappointed. :( He's so gorgeous.