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DoT eyes - questions about what to get

Feb 26, 2006

    1. hi everyone. when i for the first time saw camine's pictures on DoD i especially loved his eyes to bits ^^ but now that i have seen pics of owners of a camine. i still like camine a lot but his eyes are dissapointing. and many people think that way i noticed and buy darker eyes for him.

      i also want to have darker eyes for him when he arrives here but here are my questions:

      1: i wanna buy him some eyes at luts but wich size is best? 14, 16, 18 or 20mm eyes? ( i want to buy acrylic ones are those good?)

      2: do lut eyes for a DoT doll at all? XD

      3: does DoD include eye putty along with the dolls when they arrive at your home?

      thanks for the help in advance ^^
    2. cux i am a newbie and i've just picked up my camine XD i will try my best to share my opinions to u ^^

      1: 16mm is the size that comes with camine, i think it looks good on camine ^^
      For 14mm, i afraid it will be too small for him and he will look a little bit cruel @@? i dun have 14mm eyes so i havent try on it XD||
      For 20mm, i have one bought from volks.. I've posted in this forum b4 and ask others will it fits for DOT and everyone say "NO" .. i've tried it on Kakeru (my camine XD) it looks a bit strange.. although i can see the white of the eye but seems that the eye thing (i duno how to describe it..) is a little bit large for him @@ only half of the eye thing (not include the white..) can be seen..

      2: Sorry XD i duno ..i dun have luts XD

      3:the eyes are fixed on the doll head already. ^^

      hope the above can help u ^^ :3
    3. 1. 16mm is best. You might be able to use 18mm, but I wouldn't risk it.
      2. Any 16mm eyes will work, it doesn't matter where they're from. ^^
      3. Answered by tacitojo.

      tacitojo: How are the eyes fixed on? With putty or glue or what?
    4. hopelessfangirl: I am using Blu-tack to stick it... it likes putty, but not really is putty.. it's not sticky to fingers and is re-usable adhesive.
      ack ^^|| duno how to describe it .. sorry ||T_T
    5. 1. 16mm is definetly best.
      2. Answered by Hopelessfangirl.
      3. Yes, but the stuff is nasty and oily and gross. DOD uses really yucky putty to fix their eyes -- you can re-use it, but it gets all over everything and it's oogly-feeling. I reccomend Blu-tack or something instead.

      I reccomend 16mm Souldoll eyes, they're really pretty and the size is perfect for my Shall. If you want to see pictures of her wearing Souldoll P15, there are some on my LJ: http://muffin573.livejournal.com.
    6. i wanted 16mm Soudoll eyes too! but heard there was a size change so the iris is smaller. so i don't know whether to buy one or not..
    7. The iris is slightly smaller, which worried me when they arrived, but my fears were for naught -- they look great n___n; I guess you could try 18mm Souldoll eyes, and if they didn't work, you could sell them *shrug*
    8. jusagirl: I bet if you posted a WTB for the old style you'd have some luck.
    9. My lahoo has 18 mm size eyes in now ^_^ so it doesn't look bad, but I guess it might depend on the maker? (mine are HG, I don't have luts eyes to try T_T)
    10. Hopelessfangirl: I'm getting mine from someone here but hers was also bought last Oct. The eye size changes were made during April last year. But it should be fine since they fit Muffin's Shall. XD

      Muffin: Thanks for the info! ^_^
    11. thanks it for the comments :)

      about the eye putty: i didn't mean to ask'' if the eyes are already attached to the head'' but ''does a little tube or whatever witheyeputty come with the doll so i can change the eyes?''

      that was my real question ^^;

      and i must say that the souldoll website has a lot of pretty eyes but....i cannot see wich size they are ^^; canb somebody help me with this?
    12. They come in different sizes. there is a select option beside the picture of the eyes that allows you to choose the size you want for the order. if you want to look at the comparison between eye sizes, it's under their Gallery. Lucks! ^_^
    13. oh...no.. the putty just stick with the eyes, no optional putty come with the doll ^^
    14. 1 ) I use 16mm and they look great!^^ I'd love to try a 14mm one to give my girl a more mature look..^.^

      2) Luts? I only bought one from them. A silicone one (I believe its from Soom, though)

      3) Yes, but it feels kinda oily. + Its not colored white..^^

      Just an additional picture I took, that I'd like to share:

      The one on the Left is Silicone (currently used by my Lexi), The ones at the right are all Acrylic. All of them are 16mm :


      You can readily tell the difference.. Silicone rocks!^_^ (for me,haha)
    15. hmmm so i take it that silicone eyes are better? and the eyes of luts work fine?

      alodia: were did you buy the other eyes from?

      is it difficult to put the eyes in? i mean...i never done it before so i am afraid i might screw up >< are the eyes hard to take out?
    16. what's the iris size of 16mms? XD
    17. minako , i have put the 20mm eyes from volks into Kakeru's head..
      here are the pic for reference

      PS. Do u think its okay @_@? or little bit strange ??
    18. think he looks nice! just younger looking~ XD
    19. i see nothing wrong with it either :)
    20. qn! XD do the 20mms fit into the socket nicely? Cos I'm thinking of getting Soudoll 18mm. their 16mm have a small iris.