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DoT girls Calla and Isis

Jul 7, 2009

    1. OMG~! I'M SO EXCITED!

      Funny thing about this is that I was just sitting around the other day thinking; "Man, DOD really oughta release some new molds. @.@"

      I LOVE THOSE WIGS~! *flails* I'm so excited~! I still want my baby Shall, of course, but OMG! ^______________^
    2. Isis looks a lot like Delphine to me, so maybe these are non-limited versions of the previously released vampires?
    3. She does, but I do not see fangs on these two girls

      They may possibly be modified versions of Delphine:sweat
    4. Are these boys, girls, or a boy and a girl? o__o I thought Calla was a dude and Isis was a girl when I saw them. I bet it'll be the opposite lol. xDD
    5. Isis looks like the 'human' version of Delphine to me as well....
      I'm certain Isis is a girl...but I'm not so certain about Calla. XD Probably a girl...but if it's a boy I'm totally sold. LOL
    6. I think they're both girls...... isis looks like homme version of delphine, but I think calla is a whole new mold ^^

      Can't wait for more pictures!
    7. I can't wait to see more pictures of these two. I'm really hoping Calla is a boy. <3
    8. Love the new gals...I just don't know if I can handle another D.O.D. wait! :...(
    9. Oh god...they are beautiful! They look like both girls, but I hope there is a boy too. Tho I guess switching bodies is easy. I think I really adore Isis the most. Talk about gorgeous, but Calla is nice too! :aheartbea
    10. LOL Wow...I was JUST talking with my friend today how we both thought DOD should release more standard DOTs...@_@

      Agreed that Isis looks like a Homme Delphine of sorts...but I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Calla. She looks so pretty and different from DODs other sculpts :aheartbea
    11. I agree! Isis, definitely! ooh... She/he can be my delphine's human twin brother... ooh. :D

      Man, they both look like they'd be gorgeous boys!!
    12. Calla is a guy, I can tell.
    13. I prefer Calla over Isis, but they're both pretty and has that DOD look to it.

      I love their smoky make-up!
    14. Ooh how exciting! I kinda like Isis more than Calla, but I can't wait to see more pictures.
    15. I think that should be a boy and a girl, but both of their names look like girls.but no more pics so far,expect DOD releases details
    16. Judging by Calla&#8217;s &#8220;history&#8221; on the DoD&#8217;s website she is a girl.
      And I just can&#8217;t wait to see some more photos of her.

      Funny, but I was just thinking how much I&#8217;d love DoD to have some new D.O.T.-girls released.
    17. Nuuuu!! I have to wait till July 10 just to see Calla's pictures! NUUUU!!!!
    18. Crazy, first time Ive seen pics I thought, Iplehouse released new dolls :o
    19. Azraelita~ absolutely! At least, Calla's nose and lips immediately reminded me of Leeke Mihael. Totally threw me off, as DoD's aesthetic has never (at least up to this point) ventured toward the bounds of that sort of realistic esthetic. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. I look forward to seeing what Calla's face looks like head-on.