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DoT Homme Ducan Discussion

Sep 25, 2006

    1. Ooooh dear. I'm in love XD The loss of his elf ears has done little to destroy my love of Ducan.

      And you know, I don't think he's a Tender Lahoo after all... XD Can anyone with a Ducan and a Lahoo confirm/deny this?
    2. At least, promotionally, I like him a lot better than I like Limited Ducan. I just may be a sucker for darker haired boys or something. 8D

      He makes me ALMOST want to purchase a DOT *_*

      However, I feel the same feeling as I did for Sha all over again. Desperate want of wig and outfit. UGGGGH, why does DOD never make any clothing in the fashion of what they do with their promotional clothing ;_;
    3. Yeah he's so hot! I just read the post about DoT shoe troubles and was thinking lucky for me I don't have/want a DoT. Now I have to have Homme Duncan. Thankfully he won't be limited.
    4. My God, I'm in love. That wig is amazing. I like him much more than the limited. Although, I still long for those beautiful elf hands...

      I'm considering buying a Ducan instead of an El...
    5. Homme Ducan....I WAAAAAAANT!!!! *0*
      if he were white skin u_u...I don't mind normal skin...but...how pink is DOD's resin???
    6. Ducan's face photographs really really well actually. I just took him out and normally I have some difficulties with my Sha looking like a deer in the headlights, but Ducan's face just photographs so easily.

      I was considering an El but I'm glad I decided to stick with the DoTs for Ducan XD

      Ducan's normal skin is quite pale. If comparing to most other company normal skins it's much paler and slightly pink. Think your old English rose of yore that the poets and writers used to speak of :) He's pale but not like a vampire (eg vs the Delf WS it's pinkish rather than creamy-yellowish tinge)
    7. I don't know about the rest of him but I am mad about that outfit
    8. is a good thing that he is not limited...I just hope that he can still look cool, hot and sexy in real life and not just in the DOD pictures...I think I found my Hiroshi!! :D
      the outfit is hot!
      his wig is cool too ^ ^
      *EDIT* rillystar thanks for your help! = D
    9. Isn't he a Tender Camine...technically? I thought someone asked about that o_O;
    10. Ommmmmg :D:D:D:D:D:D

      He's *SO* amazing. And that wig and those clothes are to die for :D. I'm afraid to touch my elf ducan's face up ^^; (although I think I will remove some of the black on his lips) but I love seeing this other face up on him... so I can see the versatility in him without ruining him. Oh man... he's just too gorgeous. I really hope they put up the outfit/wig in the collection too D: it's sooo *lust*. Homme Ducan is awesome ^^; and makes me love my own Ducan that much more <3

      Duuucannn *rabid fangirlism*.
    11. I'm really sorry if this has already been answered somewhere, but does anyone know when he'll be released? I have a friend who is very, very interested in purchasing his clothes and I'm trying to gather information for her. ^^
    12. well no one know ATM when he'll be released, and for your information this is a STANDARD release no clothes will be coming with it... [i think usually there's a wig]
    13. i dont think he's a tender camine 'cause he has lahoo's nose. but his mouth is smilelier than lahoo. aha. inconclusive. :|

      he IS very hot, though. i think it's the smoky eyes and the dark wig. imo, he looks better than the elf version. :aheartbea
    14. OMG!!!! I just saw him when I was just going to go on DoD and oogle over Sha. But now that I've seen him, I want him! However he suits Augustin more than James, so Augustin will be a Duncan and not a Camine.

      For some reason, the lips remind me of Camine. So for me he reminds me of Camine more than Lahoo.

      Personally, the darker hair and smokey eyes suit Duncan more than the white wig the Elf version came with.

      Good thing Duncan's not limited. It would kill me if I couldn't snag one of him.

      *going ga-ga over Duncan*

      I must save pictures of him! Even though I'm living at my boyfriend's and he's not crazy about this love affair, I have to have pictures to gaze upon! Just until I have him!
    15. they added the dates about Homme DUCAN, KIRILL, IVAN and more on their website! :D

      We've got some news for you~~~(NEW~!!!)

      We've got some news for you~~~

      Hello this is DOD, please see below for our news,

      The first of all, it's about " Homme version - DUCAN, KIRILL & IVAN.
      They will be released 28th of September, and please this is standard version, which has standard human shape, not limited version,
      I am sure you will be supporting us this time as well.

      Chu Seok (Korean Thanksgiving day) Special !!!

      To the customer who purchase any of our new Homme verson-Ducan,Kirill &Ivan - order and payment done by 26th,27th,28th of Sept. ( until Korean time 12 am, midnight on 28th)
      We will send the wig - random pick.

      Second news, the shipping of dress no. D-150(D.O.T) and D-151(D.O.C) will start 28th of Sept.

      Third, due to Korean holiday " Chu-Seok", DOD will be on vacation from 1st of Oct. and 8th of Oct. During this periods, there won't be taking orders, sending and answering inquiries.

      Chu-Seok is one of the biggest Korean festive, and Koreans go to their home town or do ritual for ancestors. Especially this year has very long period of days of Chu Seok, according to luna's calendar, so we decided to have some rest.

      I hope you understand and from 9th of Oct, we will resume our services.

      Thank you,


    16. Wait, so does this mean not all the Standards of these three will come with wigs and the wigs are limited? That's not... cool if that's the case. Or are they giving you an extra wig as a nice special for it being thanksgiving there and they mean "Random" by they will randomly pick a wig from their inventory to send to you XD;
    17. o.o will that black/blonde wig that he's wearing in the photos come with him? God i hope so. Its so cool @0@
    18. He looks exactly like a tender version of my Camine....I think it was discussed pretty heavily in the original Ducan thread and was concluded that he was a tender Camine

      Oh godI want him......He is exactly what I need for Balthazar! I absolutely love that wig too! It is gorgeous!
      As far as I know, the DoTs come with the wig they are shown wearing. The others all did....

    19. Maybe its just me.. but I find that pretty funny. :sweat
    20. I love the sculpt. I love the wig. Love the outfit. Love the painting on the lips that makes them look fuller & poutier (and less orange) than his elf-self. Even love the lower eyelashes. But... I really truly dislike those harsh, black eyebrows they've used on all three homme versions. I hope this isn't a new direction they're moving in their default faces. :(