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DOT limited boys "T.kaillar and M.kaillar" discussion

Jul 20, 2010

    1. T.kaillar


      "Male Callas" :)

      I love M.kaillar, so bad he's a limited :(

      2010.07.21 - New infos :)

    2. M.Kaillar is stunning, I just wish I had the money to afford him! Why do Limiteds I adore always appear when I have no cash? :sweat
    3. I really like T.kaillar's face up. Very pretty.
      I'm still unsure if DoD sculpts fit into my crew though. *shrugs*
    4. I need to find funds ASAP. I like the tender version myself and the faceup is the best I've seen DoD do. That tattoo is amazing!

      So one is a dreaming version and the other open-eyed? I suppose those are face plates and maybe you can get both heads?
    5. Oooh love the ears!
    6. I have a couple of hopes for these two boys and I hope I'm right.

      1. We'll have the option for two heads on one purchase (unlikely however, it would be nice if they did).
      2. Body types (DOT or DOI).
      3. If we get to chose body types we'll get to pick clothing in either DOT or DOI.

      I'm thinking about it. It would have been nice if they had given us a release date and/or a little information. It would make planning funds simpler. I'm hoping cost will include face up, if not I have to factor that in as well.
    7. They're both DOTs, I also wish to know more about them right now >_<
    8. I really hope the order period extends into August and there are the options of buying both face plates. From the pictures it leaves me to believe they may do so, since both versions are on each page. *crosses fingers* That outfit is amazing as well.

      Does anyone see any difference between these sculpts and the basic calla? I'm wondering if there is anything changed besides the ears and the tender version. *stares*
    9. I like limiteds as it can inhibit people from buying more dolls ;p These dot's look promising im generally impressed with these 2 new ones ^^
    10. Dang you, DOD! Here I was going into 'saving' mode thinking nothing will be coming out till September or October and you drop this infront of me!

      Dispite my usual dislike of them.....I find myself very into the T. Kaillar! I don't normally go for the tender versions but something about that one grabs me.

      I'm thinking they are face plate like and I hope we have an option to get both (please please please DOD!!) but I did notice the face plate being held is in white skin. So, I'm thinking different skin tone options are up for these two.
    11. I told myself that if DOD ever released a tender Calla I was screwed. Oh my... I just wish they didn't have elf ears :(
    12. Man, I hate this. I'm wanting both. D: If I had to choose one I'm not sure which I would want either...Damn, I want. ;3;

      I would love if they offer the other head as well, that'd be fabulous! The outfits are just as expected from DOD, amazing every time <3


      I was looking at that too, and I was thinking of Calla. xD They really do look alike. Maybe DoD caught up on the fact that some people (including me) wanted a boy Calla?
    13. Aww, they're gorgeous. So sad that I'm out of dolly funds at the moment :doh I will continue to torture myself by keeping an eye on those lovely boys and who knows, maybe there'll be a long (a reeeeeeally long) ordering period :lol:
    14. Some information is up! YES you can get both heads! Plus he comes with a mask...?
    15. I am so crestfallen that the sword is not included. T_T I was really hoping there would be a fullset option with that and so I could try to get it in a split. As that sword would have been perfect for my story. *raises angry fist* Oh well.

      I really like the tender head but there's no way I could afford it in the time period and I have too many plans as is. lol But very very pretty face-up there!
    16. Yes that thing T. Kaillar is holding is a mask and not a face plate, the mask can damage the eyelashes and face up of the doll if put on incorrectly. DOD has stated this up front.
      Did anyone else notice that the outfit's are something right out of D. Gray man?
    17. Oh wow just noticed the D.gray-man vibe! No wonder I love them! Too bad there are elf ears because he''d be a great Yuu! What is it with DoD and elf ears anyway? I wish they would release some of these sculpts without them.
    18. Would you find it odd if I said I had seen T.Kaillar in my dreams before he even came out? o_e weird.
      In anycase there's no way I can get them, despite wanting them...so little time, so little funds, dang it.
    19. T.Kaillar ~~~~ :aheartbea

      He is soo handsome..he is my favorite DoT boys so far...uhmm..why now...---__---
    20. T.Kaillar is soooo lovely! I love that half-lidded glance of his, especially on the pic with the white head...So nice! But already out of stock :(