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DoT Resin - what is it like?

Dec 26, 2005

    1. I had a DOC doll...the resin was plasticly...CP resin is "smooth" the best I can describe. it as. Is the resin on DOT the same as DOC? Plastic like? Then again, it could have been that one doll I had. I am curious before I decide on Camine.
    2. Hm.... sounds like DOD old resin ^^'
      Mikael and Vanilla's resin are very smoth, but might be just me. Chocolate is a little bit plasticly but not a lot. Compared to other dolls I don't see a difference at all. o.o
      But again, I'm not all over resin feel, so I don't usually notice ^^'
    3. Well in the light, the Tender Too was shiny. Mike for instance isn't. Matte finish I guess.
    4. Hm... I understand what you mean now...

      Hm... I don't think Vani is shinny on the light ^^' I'll check it out for you
    5. I think I know what you are asking Rynn. In the gallery there is a picture of a black camine, and in the second picture, his hands look...well..shiny. No matter what light or how I photograph my CP dolls, that never happens, and their resin never looks like that. I was thinking about buying a DOT, but if that is what the resin looks like, I might not. This is the link to that post : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38550
    6. A thing more easier to ask is.. does the DOT resin feel kinda like clay? Like baked polymer clay? (Scuply, ect.) That's what DOD resin was like when the Guardian boys came out..
    7. I would have no idea on how that feels, never felt any. And yes, his hands look shiny and it turns me off. He doesn't even look like he did in the promo pictures either.
    8. Well, I got my DOD guardian boy back in March, and his resin is a clear, luminous pinky white. I love it by far over my CP doll.
    9. I got mine in March, and.. truth be told..

      I really didn't like the color when I got my other doll... He looked sickly next to my other doll.. And I never really bonded.. DOd posing and color wasn't really for me.. ^^;

      Edited because I was too tired, and too harsh :(
    10. Hmmm... My Tender Too feels really smooth, and is a little shiny (his hands) but my Bee-A is only shiney when I've taken off her MSC. o.O... I really so wish I had something to compair with ^^;
    11. My Tender Zen (Evelyn) doesn't seem to be shiny at all. And his resin is smooth, and doesn't feel like clay. I don't have a CP doll to compare to yet, though, but I have noticed in gallery posts that some dolls do tend to look shiny (not just DODs) and in mid november I went to a meet and saw some other DOD dolls that were shiny as well. I'm wondering, maybe its cleanliness? If we play with the dolls alot the oils from our skin might make them look shiny? I'm very careful with Eve, and haven't really played with him alot since I got him, so maybe that's why he's not shiny?
    12. If you coat the doll, it cuts down the shine a LOT. Not speaking from experience, I dont own anything, but just talking about plastics in general. The shinyness is caused mostly by A) the smooth surface of the resin and B) oils from your hands and also, occasionally C) Mould release.
      When they take the doll out of the mould, they may or may not wash it. Sometimes the waxy-ish material used to keep the resin from sticking to the mould can stick to the doll, thus causing it to be shiny.
      So, if the doll is shiny, to the point to where it bothers you, either coat them with something.. or just give them a bath. Dirt and dust has a lot to do with it as well.

      Also.. Guys, dont start throwing around resin-quality accusations.. I know you've all apologized, but.. Fact of the matter is, all companies use different resin, and if there WAS a quality issue, it'd likely be so minute you couldnt tell unless you actually worked in polymers.
      So, honestly, the whole resin quality thing is a matter of opinion, mostly.
      And if you bring up narae/other dolls that use french resin, the only difference is it costs more and is translucent. So... resin quality really is a moot point. It's just if the doll is too smooth/dirty/oily/uncoated/etc.
    13. I don't think so, from personal experience (not saying that you're wrong, just saying my experience is very different). Compared with other companies, I think DOD's resin is not higher nor lower in quality, and I love the color. (Dolls I have seen/held in real life and am therefore using for my comparison: Delf Chiwoo, various Volks dolls, some Customhouse dolls)

      I like the resin of my DOCs, it's not too smooth and it's not rough either. There is a bit of shine, but a quick coat of Testor's Dullcote takes care of that, and I'd coat it anyway for protection.

      EDIT: forgot to add, I got CM in March and Min in October =3
    14. The only shinning parts are the hands to me o.o

      I don't think DOD resin is lower quality, I've been in meetings and actually it is just like the others to me. I love the color, love how pale and pinkish they look...
    15. It's a different type than Customhouse, which is a better explanation. I like the feel of Customhouse better... DOD is really pale, without being Beauty White.. So... that's probably why I don't like it.. (And it was really hard to photograph my DOC..)
    16. Just for the record, Customhouse resin can be super-shiny too, and I've never heard anyone complain that they used low-quality materials. (ShinkeiHanayama's Petite Little Friar was sooooo shiny before I coated her, almost like a mirror.) I'm not sure what causes it, but I'm pretty sure it's just a quirk of some resins, and not a quality issue.
    17. I never said CH resin wasn't shiny too. I think it's because oils, or that its a type of PLASTIC too.. I didn't mean to offend anyone! ;x; DOD uses a different quality resin... It's just not to my taste anymore.. I definately loved my DOD, but getting another doll made me realize that I didn't have a strong 'bond' as I did with my new doll.

      Honestly, do you think it matters? :3 There are hundreds of DOD's.

    18. Noone should be offended by your opinion xD; At least, I wasn't ^^; Everyone has different likes and dislikes; I personally like DOD resin, and you personally don't. Noone should fault you for it.
    19. If you're concerned about dolls being shiny, you've got two options . . . (1) use some microfine sandpaper to very slightly dull the surface (and I mean LITERALLY 'microfine,' 3M makes a microfine sanding sponge which I use on my dolls), and/or (b) coat the shiny area with MSC Flat.

      My Unoas are very shiny unless I coat them with MSC, but that mattes down the surface nicely.

      Oh, and I *love* the resin on my TToo and Bee-A, they've got absolutely gorgeous skin!! I haven't found them to be shiny at all, but if I did find some shiny spots, I'd just matte them down as described above.

      -- Andi :)
    20. But don't coated dolls pick up dirt faster?

      Back on topic - well, the Tender Too I guess I just didn't bond with him. The resin vs my CP dolls played a part in that too, I do believe. I guess I need more pictures first.