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DoT Sha & Tender Shall fullsets

Mar 8, 2006

    1. Hm, I thought that was what they meant when said "it is personal belonging to JS"... he'd end up making an auction ^^'
    2. i think it meant that he's selling them even thou their his...
    3. It was on the e-mail that said the fullsets wouldn't be sold, he said "they is personal belonging to JS" so I conclused that JS would sell them as OOAK dolls. He already sold other OOAK DODs like this...
      I think it is great, I mean, at least now one person can get the dolls.
    4. oh well i hope they do go home together~~~ :D
    5. T_T I really want Sha's outfit...
    6. Uuuugh~ temptation. The Sha... ;___;
    7. AAAAH! AAAAAH! AAAAH! Bodyparts! Elderly relatives! (oh wait, they're all dead) Parents! MUST SELL EVERYTHING!
    8. Ahh..I love that outfit :) I'm gonna start watching the auction.. bet it'll go really high though.
    9. ... I'm tempted, I'm so tempted...

      But no! I will not drain my money, when an auction like that will probably go to 3k...
    10. He had an auction back when the DoTs first came out for a special Camine with a cool blue outfit and a back tatoo called Astrologer Camine. That ended around 150,000 yen, I think.
    11. Wow. O_o I wonder how much they will go for. n_n
    12. I like the outfit.. but not THAT much @_@

    13. damn thats HIGH!!!!

      oh well
    14. my gosh. >< eeek. ~temptation to the max~
    15. oh, GOD, astronomer Camine was incredible. would that i were a rich woman... *wibble*

    16. I'm tempted to sell my parents on the black market... if no one wants the whole parent, their body parts should bring in enough for the Shall...
    17. God gave me two kidneys. Why should I go through the hassle of getting a donor card, and some kid out there is waiting for me to die-he can have it now! For a price...hehehe....as long as the other one doesnt pack in, I wont miss it.

      I LOVE the fullsets...Shall, Camine and Lahoo look like a trio of Bounty Hunters, the look totally rocks! Its inspired me to think up better costumes for my dolls (BJD's and my own sculpts)
    18. i'm thinking of selling my soul, personally. XD
    19. *waves a hand* I gave my away in exchange for a passing grade in Latin. Personally, I got the better part of the deal.

      Hell, I not only have two kidneys, I have two lungs, two lobes in my brain, and hey, who needs a spleen anyway? Does anyone even know what a spleen does?

      On a side note, some of the money that's going towards Shadow's payment I earned by volunteering for a scientific study on Asperger's Syndrome. So for ONCE the damn A.S. is working FOR me!