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DoT wigs - which other dolls will they fit?

Jan 27, 2006

    1. someone might have asked this aready so if u would so kindly point me in the right direction or tell me that would be great ^^ ! thank you!

    2. DOD or DOT wigs?

      I know that some DOD wig fit DOT's but in general msd size wigs do not fit SD/sd13 size dolls.
    3. o i was wondering if the DOD wigs would fit on a SD10 girl. if so then DOT or DOC ?
    4. The DoT wigs will fit sd10 dolls, not the DoC sized ones. So at DoD the WT labelled wigs will fit your sd10, but not the W ones.
    5. My cousin has been infected with the Dollshe Love woohoo!

      She would love to get this wig for her Hound --> WT-001

      Do any of you know whether D.O.D wigs fit Hounds?

      THanks so much!
    6. Magnus spends a lot of time in the default Camine wig. Although it is a tight fit, it stays on just fine and I don't have to use anything to keep it in place. I do wonder, since he's been wearing it off and on for 6 months, if it's streched a bit because it seems to fit him better now than when I first got it.

      Of course, I haven't tried any other DOD wigs on him, but once I have some money for accessories I plan to buy some other ones to see if they work.
    7. I tried the WT-03 on Morbidollz's Bernard and Lochness' Hound only for a few moments each and it was a tight fit ^_^;;
    8. My Sha's wig was ok on the Dollshe Saint I got for my friend. The Hound type dolls tend to fit the 8/9 wigs very well.

    9. awesome! thanks so much guys! I might get a few wigs from there as well! If you say the Camine wig is a tight fit on Magnus' head then it should be just snug on a Hound as they have smaller heads I think?
    10. Hi everyone,

      i need a little help here >.<
      does anyone knows if a homme ducan default wig fits a smaller cp boy head like yder or breakaway? mmm breakaway to be precise ^^
      i intend to get the homme ducan default wig frm the marketplace but i was afraid that it may or maynot fit him >.< i know DOT boy head are on the smaller side... so i was wondering if it could fit my boy.
      thanks!!! =)
    11. I got my DOD wig to fit my El. So it should be the same. But it takes time to tug and pull. I could only get one DOD wig to fit my el. (it's the wine wig I posted pictures of my El in when he was wearing black wings. Maybe you have seen it).
    12. hi izam, thank you!!! yes i have seen the wine wig before^^
      does your homme ducan default wig also fits ur el? bcos i heard sometimes e wig is abit larger, sometimes it's small... so it's really like a bet >.<
    13. Hello I would like to ask can Shiro wears DOT wigs? I 've heard his head is pretty small...Thx!
    14. Good Question... I don't have a DOT to compare to unfortunately, but he wears Dollfie Dream sized wigs from Volks. His head is only about an inch smaller than regular Volks heads, and from what I've heard DOT heads are tiny... so probably not. I know he can't wear Elfdoll wigs, so if anyone else can use DD or ElfDoll for comparison to DOT then you should know.
    15. I like this wig on DOD that's sized for the DOT heads...and I was wondering if it would fit on a CH Basic Ai girl's head :)
    16. :| Bump

      Surely someone knows...:sweat
    17. *eye twitch*

      Would someone please answer one of my questions?


      Please?:sorry :eusa_pray
    18. *pokes back onto the first page* :|

      I'd really like to know the DOT girl head measurements/recommended wig size because I can always compare that to the CH measurements on their site >.>;

      I think the DOT boy heads are smaller than DIM boy, since the wig I bought was really tight and difficult to get on :sweat so I was wondering if perhaps their girl heads were different from other companies' such as CH.
    19. CH Ai heads are nearly an inch bigger than DOT girls head, so, unless the wig has a strechable cap (and if I recall well, DOT wigs don't, although DOC's do, go figure), you won't be able to put it on a CH head. I used to own a DOT Shall, and 8/9 wigs that are a little loose on her fit my CH Lubi perfectly.

      Hope this helped a bit ^^

      PS. By the way, DOT's recommended wig size is 8/9... this is the size I found works best ^^
    20. Dammit v.v

      Thanks for the help though ^^