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DOTs are out!! (FIXED ^-^)

Oct 8, 2005

    1. From what she says they're only on a Cyworld Club as yet, but the post is here:
      Second last post from the bottom. ^_^
    2. I'd say they would be, given that the tanned Yen was limited, and that they have outfits by Chesca. If they stick to how they have done things, the tanned dolls will be limited, and then the normal skin dolls will be 'standard', and not-limited.
    3. Tanned Shall for sure hot as hell!

      Well the main question I would have is does the Tan go all the way through? this has been a question in the past I know with volks as sanding can reveal lighter skin and who wants to worry about rubs!! They look a tad orange? but maybe thats just the pics?
    4. I don't suppose anyone knows how limited the tans are? I just want some idea since the tan Shall could be my Maeve... but I wasn't supposed to be thinking about getting her for like TWO YEARS! :roll: First Max, followed by Nate, Lex, Aeschylus and Maeve after that, then Etienne and maybe Leena. Hey maybe Camine could be Etienne! Oh, gotta go, walle'ts crying again...
    5. I think I saw it mentioned somewhere that they should be available around the end of the month? *crosses fingers for tan Lahoo* *___*
    6. Price:

      I'd be REALLY surprised if the regular versions were very much over $500, because then they wouldn't be competitive with other companies, and DoD has always seemed to want to stay very competitive. It;s always surprised me that their littles are so affordable, -especially- since they come already sanded! That's what, a $40, $50 service at Volks?

      Full sets if there are any would of course be more.
    7. It's not fair!! Why are they doing this to me?! *dies of happiness - and the onset of certain poverty* Just the other day I found the right eyes - and now a face too? How many dolls do you think it's reasonable to purchase in a year?

      And do people think these heads will be interchangable, too? Because Shall's face is sweet, but Lahoo's is perfect - all it needs is a female body...
    8. MORE PICS - I'll try getting the flash latter, I'm late to the church!

      pics not mine, from: 황혜원 at cyworld!





      Camine had only pics in flash, I'll put this on latter. I'll take them out in 3 days.


    9. [​IMG]
      All Camine pictures:
      All Lahoo pictures:
      All Shall pictures:

    10. [​IMG]

      I'm a pathetic, in lust soul ;o;
    11. since everyone was wonderin about the tan, I looked on Black Yen to see if it said anything and here is what it said

      caution: If you remove Black Yen's parting line, there can be little difference of skin color

      could appear, but it will be okay with customizing.

      so I think that the outer is darker than the inner, but not to drastically. Not sure though.
    12. So how do you join the DoD club at cyworld. Their site always confuses me a bit.
    13. I am quite sure you can remove the meku.
      Try mixing water with aceton so the concentration won't be so bad.
      And also, Mr. Clean magic eraser seems quite popular,
      But I prefer aceton + water.
      But if you do get the tanned dolls,
      you may want to test it on, let's say the headcap to makesure no extensive damage will be done.
      After all, you can cover the damage with a wig,
      but you can't cover the face with anything.
      Caution is the key ^-^

      You have to have some Korean ID number if you are a korean
      (that's how I joined ^-^ being korean makes it a lot easier<-smack -_-+)
      I think if you are from somewhere else, you need to live in Korea or something like that.
      You need a foreigners ID (direct translation)
    14. The only pictures in the post in the "Larger" thread is this one. Since this is breaking news and pertains to the bigger dolls, it ended up with two posts. They left the photos split as they were originally posted to keep from duplicating efforts.

      Edit: And, for ease of searching, awesome live photos here
    15. im nervous about the new more future DOT dolls O.O;;
      are Lahoo, Camine and Shall the only big dolls they are going to make?
      or will they make more DOT dolls? *_*
      *faints again*
    16. I'd guess that if these DoT are a success, they will eventually make more. My curiousity lies in how long a wait we can expect before they finally do make more. After all, it's already taken so long for them to design these dolls.
    17. I love the outfits, I wonder if they'll fit SD13 boy size, or if we'll be able to buy stuff like this separately?
    18. Are all of the DOTS we are seeing pictures of limited? Or are just the tanned skin ones limited? Are all the outfits designed by Chesca?

      what cm size are they?

      does anyone know when they will be released, or any other details about them?

      it's really hard to search through 12 to 20 pages of stuff about the DOTs. I'd like to get some definitive info about them up to help people out.

      if you have to, PM me with info.
    19. So far there's no definite word if the tans are limited or not, but there is hope that they won't be as DoD seem to be listening to how much people want unlimited tans...

      They're also 60cm. Not sure about the standard outfits, but the tan outfits are by Chesca. The standard ones look, to me, like the kind of outfit Too and Bee-A wear. The tanned outfits are a lot more complex and... original.

      And I have to say that to all the people saying the tan looks fake...


      From these pictures it looks more like a chocolate-brown colour. Have DoD finally done what no other company has done?