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Double jointed hands, new release

Apr 16, 2010

    1. We are pleased to announce new to the market are these double jointed hands from Island, lovely company who have a growing number of dealers worldwide.


      have the details of these brilliant hands and they are available in a variety of 7 different colours and also they are available in both Environment freindly resin and normal resin to suit your dolls from different companies. If there are any questions dont hesitate to ask!
      Here are the photos!

      To mark this event Angelesque are offering free delivery on any orders placed before the next order date, shown on our home page :)

      Thanks for looking!
    2. Do you have any samples of what the tan looks like?
    3. Island Doll has a bunch of comparison photos on their website.
    4. Do you know if any of the colors are compatible with B&G normal skin?
    5. I have no idea. You would have to check the BJD-opedia Picture Requests forum for resin matches. Other than that, you can also e-mail Island Doll directly for their opinions on what their resin colors are closest to.
    6. hello
      could you explain please the difference between environment resin and normal resin?
      where i can find the measurements? those hands fits a supergem body or volks sd17?
      and which color matches with volks and normal skin / white soom?
      thanks :)
    7. From what I've been told eco friendly resin is dervied from vegtable oil rather then pertolium.
    8. Could you show how the hands are double jointed? They are jointed hands indeed, but from the pictures they look perfectly single-jointed...like all the other jointed hands out there.

      I'm happy to see one more option for those of us who are looking for jointed hands :)
    9. Is there any chance of some comparison photo's with other companies resins?
    10. Will they be releasing a female version?
    11. Hiya

      Got some answers! The hands fit their 70cm dolls, so Damian size! and they dont have any plans for female hands yet, they are busy developing female bodies at the moment, soon to be seen :)

      Also the double joints is my error, sorry, they are single joints!

      The resin colour matches are not available at the moment, but their normal skin colour is very similar to Volks skin normal.

      Hope some of these answers help

      Cheers Carol xx