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Doya's Service

Sep 18, 2005

    1. Please find the following notice from Doya.

    2. night_child80, thank you for posting this important information! If you're in contact with Doya, please let her know that if she needs hosting for her board, we'd be happy to host her at deadtime.net.

      I can be reached via PM, or at plaguemistress@tampabay.rr.com, if Doya is interested, so please let her know!

      Thanks & Cheers--
    3. Guh. *_* Well I guess she won't be getting my PM then... is there another way to contact her? I've been trying to get in touch with her about a package... and her email's bouncing... :/
    4. Thank you for the offer, Lia! I will definitely let Doya know and pass on the information. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

      Probably not. I've been emailing her and I haven't had any problems contacting her yet. Which email did you send your messages to?
    5. The one she gave me for paypal... I remember it was hotmail... *checks* urllario621 ?
    6. Poor Doya. (T___T) She's so nice, I hope she gets this sorted out soon. (T____T)

      I wonder why she can't view DoA?? :?
    7. Oh, thanks for posting! I was just wondering why I couldn't access her board. Because I have to check at least 3 time a day if my Jerome has shipped yet... :oops: At least she has back up information for shipping....
    8. I hope she gets this sorted too, but exams are around the corner too, so she might be taking the time off too. :daisy

      Maybe her server has blocked DoA? Who knows these things. *_* But as long as she can access her emails, things shouldn't be too bad. I'll keep relaying her messages if need be.
    9. No problem! I was about to reply to your PM. Stay calm. :grin:
    10. That's weird that she can't see the board. We'll see what's up with that.
    11. Yeah, I found this post after I'd PM-ed you. Phew!
    12. Could someone PM me with her email address? I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my Blue Fairy order that was placed on July 13th.