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DP13 After Event Info (only tidbits so far)

May 2, 2005

    1. The Japanese page has at least the dates and some minor info up about the After Event.


      Altavista translates as:

      > 2005 May 21st - 22nd, opening 4 days of 28 day - 29 days

      > Meeting place:
      > Village of 繝懊・繧ッ繧ケ SR and angel, being completed of angel?, mail order party,
      > with WEB sight opening schedule

      > Handling commodity list of items:
      > It is the continuing resolution. Release in pleasure! !

      So ... it at least *sounds* like there will be an online chance for us then ... doesn't it?

    2. It would be great if there is an online after event. I don't fancy the prices of scalpers.
    3. Now, is it just me, or is anyone else wondering if this refers to the opening of the FCS online? Because, it might not...but it also might....
    4. ... I think it's just the opening of the After Party pages. :oops: They don't open them until near the date. I think the term 'opening of web schedule' has been used before.
    5. FCS will never be online.. at least not based on what I asked them about when I went to Japan last. They feel that already just with Japan orders, it's very hard to fill people's "dreams" for how they want their doll to look as it is, if it opened online it would overload them and they'd be afraid about too many unhappy customers. I dont think they'll ever do it. We'll see.

      I'd very much look forward to an online after even though. *_*
    6. Well after Domuya's micro-second of ordering I suppose this is good news. At least there is hope....
    7. Does anyone know how the in-store after events generally run? Apparently They're held in the Volks SRs, Sumikas, and the Sato, am I right? In terms of the limited dolls, are they actually available on-site at the after-event, or is it a sort of pre-order system? Also, are all the dolls available at each site, or only certain dolls in certain places?
    8. So does anyone think this means that wigs to fit SDC will be back instock on the Volks website for us to buy? Don't get me wrong, I adore my Kaede-Sugar, but I'm having a real hard time try to find wigs that seem like they'll fit her. Those made for SD seem as if they'd be way too big, while MSD might be too small. Kaede-Sugar is my first and only BJD so help in this area greatly appreciated.

      Thus far, we've been making due with some outfits from Build-A-Bear workshops made to fit their soft doll line, fuzzy slipper key chains from Old Navy, pull over sweaters from Michaels and AC Moore craft shops, and wrist bands we found at Claires that make great tube tops or mini skirts. :lol:

      Hugs, Juli DC :)
    9. Yuzuko has SDC, and she says that Poshdolls MSD size wigs will fit SDC, Unoa and MSD. ^_^...

      there's no way to know whether they will put more SDC wigs up on their site.

      they put some up last after event, but they sold out instantaneously...
    10. Hi Juli!
      Wherever there's a cute doll, there you are. But I'm sure you won't be able to find wigs or clothes or shoes for your Sugar....so, you should sell her to me :daisy
      Carol M
    11. Yes Poshdolls MSD wigs fit Super Dollfie Cute !
      I got a Kurenai and they are just perfect !
    12. LOL good try ! :wink:
    13. Now I'm confused. When I asked at one of the stores, I was told that they after-event was on the 21-22 and I assumed that it was only online. However, will they also have some of the Dolpa items in the stores the same day? If so, I will have a friend who will still be in Tokyo go by and pick up a couple of things that I wasn't able to get for the people who ordered from me. Seems a safer bet than trying to get things online.
    14. I thought the after-event was just that, an event. As in, you could line up and get things at the stores or at the place where they hold the event. I think those dates on the english site are the PHYSICAL afterparty only. The online after party doesn't usually strictly last 'two days', right? Rather til whenever they sell out of the stock they have listed on the site. :?
    15. Will the new V-Jeans that were released with this Dolpa ever go up on the Volks site or am I out of luck to snag a pair?