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Dragon Shell Doll

Jul 19, 2016

    1. Please copy and paste this template, then give your responses. :)

      * What did you order?
      * When did you order?
      * Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
      * Did the item look like the sales pictures?
      * Were you satisfied with the product?
      * Tell us some of the positives and negatives about this product (optional)
      * Would you buy more from this company?

      Feel free to include one or two photos of your purchase.
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    2. Thank you very much yor beautiful head Snake from computer game "Sengoku Basara"! It's accurate work, wonderful box and presents, very interesting feature and like a person. I have a really brutal men! I will follow your works. I necessary buy your next works again!
      I wish success in creative work!
    3. I bought a dragon mask from @balagur73 in the 2017 pre-order event. While ording @balagur73 was very quick to reply and polite and informed me when the mask shipped. The mask arrived very well packed and came in a very nice presentation box. The mask is very good quality and the resin is a nice thickness. The jaw is well designed and the details on the mask looks great.
      Thank you for the great service :)

      I also ordered a mask from @balagur73 and it arrived yesterday! The quality is amazing and it was very well packed in a nice box. I would definitely order from them again and recommend them wholeheartedly!
    5. I ordered a mask and head from DSdoll! He's absolutely lovely in person and the shipping and delivery was extremely easy! I can't wait to do a face up on him!
    6. balagur73 is so great doll artisan and so nice man in person. She is always ready to make her very best for you and always ready to help. Made two orders from her - beautiful doll head and dragon mask in custom color. Great impressions all the time.
      Highly recommend to deal with. And my endless gratefulness for perfect product every time.
    7. Thank you again for the wonderful work! I was happy to buy Dragon's head and mask! It's quality work, interesting chaster, perfect packaging!:3nodding: Now I have 2 heads of your autorship! I'm very happy!:love
    8. balagur73 was kind enough to make a dragon mask for me, even though I was way past the pre-order time! she was super quick on emails, polite and make sure she knew exactly what I wanted - even sent many pictures and examples. I got lots of pictures when my mask was ready and a tracking number when shipped. It arrived super well padded and packed in a nice box. The mask is well made, a lovely color - and even has magnets for easy attaching. Thank you so much!
    9. I ordered a snake mask from @balagur73, she was wonderful to work with very polite and keep me updated on every step. The mask it's self is lovely very nicely made, the removable teeth are a super cool detail.
      I would order from her again in the future.

      Thank you again the mask is perfect and has helped me bring one of my characters to life in doll form. :)
    10. I ordered a Snake Head, with Elf and Cyber Ears from balagur73 in the July - August 2017 Period. She was so lovely to work with. She replied very quickly to my emails and questions, keeping me up to date every step of the way. My order was sent with tracking at the beginning of September - it arrived very fast and was well packaged.

      I am so happy with the head - the sculpt has a strong, handsome appearance and is excellent quality. There was a neck adapter included and in response to my query about suitable bodies to hybrid, balagur was very helpful and linked some photos of the head on different types of body for further reference.

      I would definitely order again from balagur and I highly recommend her. Thank you so much!
    11. I ordered a Snake head from balagur73 and she has been so kind and accommodating~ She accepted to cast the head in pitch black resin for me and arranged for a special shipping schedule to ensure I would receive the package once I had moved to my new address. The head looks incredibly inspiring, is really well-sculpted and nicely cast, even in such a dark color, and came in a beautiful custom box. She also recommended some companies that make matching bodies in black resin. I couldn't be happier! <3
    12. I pre-ordered a Snake head - everything about the transaction was excellent. As well as being very accommodating about colour options, I was kept thoroughly up to date throughout every step of the production process so had a good idea of what was going on every step of the way.

      The sculpt is of an excellent quality, and all of the extra option parts are also gorgeously finished. (The snake mask is extremely cleverly sculpted) The resin feels lovely and solid, even the usually delicate option ear pieces. There was also the surprise inclusion of a very clever neck-adapter, enabling the head to sit nicely on a variety of bodies.

      Shipping was also excellent, as well as being tracked/registered the gorgeous company box was well protected inside a custom-made expanded polystyrene case ensuring that everything was well protected.
    13. I bought a snake mask from @balagur73 in the 2017 pre-order event. Once again the service and mask were great! @balagur73 kept me updated on production and shipping, and checked that I received the mask okay. Like the Dragon mask, the Snake mask was excellent quality, came in a nice presentation box and was well packaged. Thank you for the great service again :)
    14. I bought a Snake head with elf ears from @balagur73 in the October 2017 free choice order event. I believe it's the first time I can say a resin head has arrived before the eyes and wig I ordered around the same time. It was lightning fast, all communication was pleasant and friendly. The packaging was top notch. The quality of the head is beyond beautiful. I especially love the extra resin piece neck adapter so he'll be able to fit a wider variety of bodies. (I'm still considering which one to get for him, so that little piece is certainly appreciated!) Thank you so much for such a smooth ordering experience!
    15. I recently received my second order from @balagur73. This time I pre-ordered a Dragon Head, with Elf Ears from the September open choice pre-order - and also a wonderful Dragon Mask.

      There was a choice of resin colours and finishes available for the mask - I chose to have it cast in black resin and it looks amazing.

      The Dragon Head is also another strong male sculpt, a great profile and with just the hint of a smile (or a smirk).

      The resin quality is again superb and I am very pleased with both the Dragon mask and the head.

      It is a pleasure to order from @balagur73, she keeps you up to date with the progress of your order - and when it is shipped, checks to make sure everything has arrived safety. The Mask and Head arrived carefully packed and in a presentation box.

      I recommend @balagur73 very highly. I would also like to say Thank You once again for great service and your inspiring sculpts :)
    16. Hi,
      I bought a snake mask, it was shipped and arrived in no time at all, very pleasant transaction. The mask is beautiful work. Thank you dear
    17. I pre-ordered a cyber sword and everything was absolutely perfect. Communication was amazing (updates every step of the way!) and the sword arrived quickly considering the holidays, and packed really well. The sword itself is amazing and I couldn't be happier. It also came with care instructions, which was a nice touch and was very much appreciated.

      Overall, a wonderful experience. Thank you so much!
    18. I ordered a magic sword during the preorder period, and was very impressed by the communication (plenty of updates and a thoughtful double-check when additional options were added later), and of course the sword itself! It arrived during the expected time frame and is absolutely beautiful in person :)
    19. I ordered a pair of @balagur73 awesome cyber-swords and I was not disappointed!

      Communication is easy despite the language difference, I didn't had to wait long even though she had a new item pre-orders and crafting to deal with first. The items were perfectly wrapped and packaged, so everything arrived in perfect condition.

      Her work is beautiful, well made and totally worth it! <3
    20. I bought a long individual light sword from balagur73. This master has a fantastic service, he is pleasant in communication and accept any request if it is possible to do. The sword was executed very good, pretty quick and packed like it was going into space) Thank you very much !!! I recommend to everyone for cooperation.