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DragonDoll 1/3 Cheng, Di, and Standard Zheng

Jun 29, 2009

    1. DragonDoll has released 3 new dolls.


      Cheng is DragonDoll's first 70cm doll. I don't yet have body pics but I do have his measurements:

      -Height: 72cm
      -Circumference of Head: 23cm
      -Neck Circumference: 11.5cm
      -Chest: 28.6cm
      -Waist: 22.5cm
      -Hip/Butt: 28.5cm
      -Arm Length: 23cm
      -Leg Length: 39.5cm
      -Feet: 9cm


      Zheng (Standard):

      Measurements for Di and Zheng:

      -Height: 61.8cm
      -Circumference of Head: 20cm
      -Neck Circumference: 9.5cm
      -Chest: 24.5cm
      -Waist: 17cm
      -Hip/Butt: 25cm
      -Arm Length: 19cm
      -Leg Length: 39cm
      -Feet: 7.5cm

      Prices (for blank dolls): Cheng is $336.00, Di and Zheng (Standard not the Limited Edition version) are $276.00. We will be getting these doll in blank, and our first shipment will include Normal Yellow Skin only. Face-Ups are an additional $55.00. If you would like a doll with a face-up or in a different resin color they are available via Special Order. Please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com if you would like to place a Special Order.

      Links of Interest:

      Mint on Card Store Policies (Payment, Shipping, & Layaway Info)

      DragonDoll 1/3 Discussion Thread

      We expect to have these new dolls in stock by early August. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. :daisy
    2. Will their heads be available separately, in all four resin tones?
    3. Yes, we will first have their heads in stock in Normal Yellow. Once we have enough feedback from people and know which sculpts are in more demand we will stock other colors. Heads can always be Special Ordered in whatever of the 4 resin colors you like though. Heads are $70.00 and the due date for our next order with Dragon Doll is July 15th.