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Dragondoll new Limited Uncle boy: Bo Yan

Feb 2, 2011

    1. Dragondoll has released a new 2011 Limited version--BoYan. Only 100 pcs will be sold:


      He is available at a very low discounted price directly thru the Dragondoll website

      And thru Europe-based dealer Think Pink!

      Uncle body measurement(cm)
      [height] 72
      [Head circumference] 23
      [Neck circumference] 11.5
      [Shoulder breadth] 16
      [Sleeve circumference] 10.6
      [Sleeve length] 23
      [Chest Circumference] 28.6
      [Waist height] 14.5
      [Waistline] 22.5
      [Hipline] 28.5
      [Thigh circunference] 16
      [Trousers length] 39.5
      [Foot length] 8.5
    2. This looks like a great deal. Will you be selling him at the discounted price ($260/c.188 Euros) as well?
    3. Sorry, due to high taxes and costs to get dolls here, the best price we can offer is €260,- :(