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Dragondoll New Website & Announce Tiny Size!!! - 10% off until May 20

May 3, 2010

    1. She is absolutely exquisite:aheartbea Are there plans for a boy?
    2. Looking into it for you :)
    3. I love the flexibility of the body... really nice. Is the outfit available, as well?
    4. Her listing says she comes with a clothing option, I'm assuming it's that outfit.
    5. They say they will use the same body for boy and girl, they wont design a different body
    6. It is angel body,it has not differentiate about boy and girl.is it?
    7. Hi, angel body can work as both boy and girl OK!
    8. Very cute little doll. Price point is very nice too.

      Is it a white resin or normal skin tone?
    9. I believe the display pic is normal tone