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DragonDoll TangYao & DaQiao

Jan 27, 2010

    1. Are these by Dragondoll's new face-up artist? They are very nice.
    2. Are layaway orders eligible for the New Year event?
    3. I don't know. :sweat The face-up's have really improved though.

      Yes! :)
    4. On Dragondoll's website there is an option to buy a doll's outfit. Do you also offer this option during the event ?
    5. Yes, actually we will be adding them later today. They will be listed under 'BJD Clothing'.
    6. When will Dragondoll wigs be added to the selection. I won't layaway until I can layaway the wig with the set.

    7. Currently DragonDoll does not sell the wigs shown on their dolls, they only offer 'generic' wigs sold by many BJD companies and dealers. We do not plan on listing the generic wigs, (not sure if that's the word I should be using but I'm sure you know what I mean :sweat), but if they do begin to offer the wigs shown on their dolls then we will list them on our site.
    8. Dragon Doll has listed 3 Uncle hand parts for sale - can I order all three from you? And is it possible to order the hand and feet parts in tanned skin too?

      Dragondoll has also shoes in Uncle-size. Will you list them too?
    9. Yes, all 3 Uncle Hand types are available on our website. Currently DDoll is not offering their parts in Tan Skin, we can ask them though if they would consider doing it. Please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com to ask about Tan Skin parts, (we may not remember to ask them if we are not emailed about it).

      They are listed on our site under 'BJD Shoes', just click on 'DragonDoll Shoes' to see them. We are currently in talks with a new BJD shoe maker, so we plan on having many shoes available that will fit the Uncle Body feet.
    10. In preparation, when we order, do we simply mention sculpt and skin of the desired event head in the comment window upoin checkout?

      (As an aside, I am delighted to hear more Uncle shoes are in the works. It's hard enough to find shoes to fit Buddydoll boys and Uncle feet are markedly larger.)
    11. Yep. :) The Comments Box is at the bottom of the 1st check-out page.

      Update on Tan Resin

      Free event heads can be ordered in Tan skin for a $10.00 fee. If you choose Tan skin for your head then $10.00 will be added to your order total after you check-out.

      DragonDoll Hands and Feet are now available in Tan Skin, they are $5.00 more then the other resin colors.
    12. I'm planning on ordering a Dragondoll, but I just noticed on your news page it says they come with free body blushing, but no where else does it say so. Do they come with the blushing or not?
    13. There is no free blushing. There was a mistranslation in the original promo description sent out to dealers. A later communication from Dragondoll established that there was no free blushing.
    14. Ok, thanks. I had to ask since it was on there.