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Dragondoll tiny Dragon Girl

Jun 13, 2011

    1. Past the original news about her release, I'm not seeing any mention of her anywhere on here.

      Does anyone out there own her? I'd love to know more about her or see some owner pictures.

      Last night I decided to order her despite not finding any feedback about her and am hoping not to be disappointed. Her jointing system looks wonderful! I think that she may end up being a boy, though.
    2. I've always been curious myself about this beautiful girl. I love her jointing, her body looks amazing! I had hoped Dragondoll would come out with a tiny boy body, too but they confirmed that they would not. I believe her body is genderless but I may be wrong. I've yet to see any owner pictures so I look ever forward to your little one's arrival!
    3. The stock pictures do indeed appear to be genderless. Even if it's not, it's not like he'll be sitting around naked, so no one will know!

      His pictures are a ways off, sorry to say! I'm trying to teach myself to be more patient so I placed him on a 6 month layaway plan. This hobby has made me a bit impatient- I want it all now! He'll be home sometime in November.
      In the meanwhile it's planning time so I can be ready once he gets here!
    4. She arrived yesterday, and she's fabulous! She poses wonderfully straight out of the box. Her name is Azalea.

      Someone else needs to go get one now so I can have someone to share pictures with. Azalea will be lonely by herself, you know.:...( Plus I'll bake you cookies.....

      If anyone is curious, here's the box opening with lots of pictures:

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    5. I'm just poking the thread to see if there might be another Dragondoll tiny lover out there now!
      There are three different ones now. QingHua is definitely on my future list. She'll eventually be taking over as Azalea as her twin, Asher, has laid main claim on the body that's already here.

      Here he is being adorable.

      The posing ability of these dolls is wonderful, and the sculpting is very well done.
    6. I've got one! My Debbie (although she needs a faceup) is so cute & I love her to death :D[​IMG]
    7. Yay! Another one!
      I love the red wig on her.