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Dragondoll Uncle body and different head

Jul 31, 2010

    1. Hi, everyone. I hope I m doing this right.
      I want to buy for my B-Day DragonDoll uncle body here is link http://shop.fashiondoll.nl/product_info.php?cPath=436_22_23_428_433&products_id=6533
      But I want diferent head. can someone advise me, what head would be good? I tink something like: http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_view.asp?it_code=966&B_catalog_num=11



      Is it dificult to put different head on siferend body? What I should know?

      It would be my first BJD. So I m scared.

      And btw. If I buy that body will I automaticly get 3 magnetic manhood parts :-D Does anyone knows.

      Thank you very much for your hepl..


    2. I think your thread will probably end up over in the Large Doll discussion.

      I have a friend who has a DragonDoll body that she bought for a Leeke Hero head I gave her for her birthday. The Leeke head, big as it is, was too small proportionally for the DragonDoll. I'm thinking the HZ would be as well. My friend's currently got an Angelheim Venezio head on it. That works great proportionally, but their resins don't match well. They're both white skin though, I don't know how good the normal skin resin match is.

      You'll want to go over to the Picture Request forum and look for the resin matching threads. The DragonDoll body is popular, there are probably pictures over there of the various hybrids people have tried. If you're doing a hybrid you've got two things to consider-if the two parts match proportionally and if the resin match is close enough. If it's reasonably close you can usually blush the doll to blend the two parts. For my part, I think the proportion and stylistic match is more important than a really close resin match, but everyone differs on that. You'll want to take a close look at the neck measurements on the body your head is usually on and the body you want to put it on-they should be the same or very close to insure a good fit.

      If you really want the Leeke head (and they're gorgeous boys, don't blame you a bit!) and you're not absolutely set on the DragonDoll body, my friend ended up using a Dollzone 65cm. in normal yellow for her Leeke head and it works great both resin match wise and proportionally. She didn't have to blush him at all. However it is a more expensive body and the torso joint is problematical. DragonDoll is a better poser IMO. If you are wanting a DragonDoll body and an HZ head and they're both on MintonCard and you're buying them there, send Liindsey an email and ask her if it would work. She's very good at working with people who are doing hybrids-I send her a huge email about two bodies she had that I was looking for for my girl and she gave me very good advice.

      And yes, you will get the Many Man Bits package! Spiritdoll sells a body that has them too, but they'll send you one with a fixed man bit if you ask. I don't think DragonDoll has that option, though you could ask Lindsey.

      Go you! A hybrid for your first doll! That's great!
    3. Thank you. I tried to write Lindsey. :-) I really want that dragondoll body. Because its quite realistic. And I think its has good mobility too. I saw very nice review on it. Now I just need to find right head. Nothing childish. Something menly but gentle. :-)
    4. I own both an HZ and a 72cm DragonDoll and I can definitely say that head would NOT fit on that body. HZ's heads are way to small to fit on the Uncle body and would probably look pretty creepy. DragonDoll heads are more mature, if you like the style, but i'm not sure what else would fit. Good luck!
    5. ^^Thank you. I m starting to think, that I wount make hybrid. And I will buy whole doll. Dragondoll Chen looks nice. I ll see.
    6. The problem is that Dragondoll's neck is too large for most BJD heads. If you like the realistic body and ummmm extra 'bits' then also take a look at Spiritdoll. They're around the same price, have a few different sculpts, offer layaway and their male body has extra bits as well. I've got a spiritdoll Jade and am really thrilled with her body. You may even find that the spiritdoll body would work well with the Leeke head. I may be able to find that out at my next doll meet in about 2 weeks if you want. Someone there has a leeke guy. I can check the resin match.
    7. ^^I dont mind those extra men parts :-D I just really like that body. Its first body besides E.I.D. Iplehouse man body. Spiritdoll looks nice, but not as nice as Dragondoll. :-(
    8. I see, you're looking for a healthy male body, that's cool! You might want to take a look at Soom ID_elian then, he's a larger doll who's got a nice bod, although not as nice in some departments as Dragondoll and Souldoll! :3

      Gluino may not be quite what you're looking for, but he is on-sale the next couple of weeks, and Soom does layaway as well. But if you're sold on the body, I say Dragondoll works are lovely for a first doll!

    9. ^^ Thank you. I saw him. But something isnt right :-D You know I dont feel connection between me and Gluino. :-D I m wondering If I really buy for me Chen. He looks cute. Or I kinda like TangYao s eyes. I ll see. First I need to get money from my hubby. :-D He thinks that 100 dollars dolls are very expensive. :-D He doesnt know, that I bought 12" fashion royalty Raw Appeal Lukas for 300 dollars. :-D But pssst. Its secret.
      I m totally in love with this dragondoll uncle body. its *drool* :-D
    10. The uncle body does look very nice, and Cheng is a popular sculpt so you should be happy with him I think (I have TangYao). The only real issue with the Uncle body is that it can be difficult to pose because of the way the double joints are and clothing that big fella is challenging too. But then again, if you can sew its not too bad.
    11. ^^ I m not good as sewing, but maybe I ll get better. :-D But I think I will prefer him nude :-D
    12. So just right now. I ordered my doll from dregondoll.net. Yeeey. After long thinking I ordered Tang Yao. I hope he will arrive before my B-Day on 25th Sept :-D

      Can someone please tell me what size of eyes he has? And what size of wig???

      Thank you :-)
    13. Well, my Tang Yaos wear 16mm eyes, which might be alittle small (I don't mind a tiny amount of gapping); the recommended size is 18/20mm. Wigs in 8/9 fit very well in general since their heads fall right in the middle of that spectrum.
    14. did someone ever tried a Soom head on a Dragin body?
      thank u for any info you can give to me! :3
    15. Thank you very much. I m now waiting and waiting and waiting. :-D So between all that waiting I ll have to buy nice golden eyes and wig :-)
    16. I want to try this as well, but it seems their resins don't match very well (read: at all) unless it's white skin. Which even then I don't know if it would work, but I think it would.....