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Dragonffyre's Feedback ~

Aug 19, 2009

    1. :bcake I honestly don't know what I should say in starting my own feedback thread, but:

      Hello fellow DoA members! I thought that I would start myself a feedback thread because ever since I've had full marketplace access I've been shopping like crazy (it's probably my favorite place on DoA). Please share your experience with me, I'm sure future buyer/seller/traders would love to know how I handle my end! So if you've sold something to me, bought something from me, or traded, please share how things went! :)

      ~ Thanks for your feedback!!! :bcake
    2. I recently sold some yo-sd sized tops to Dragonffyre-she was very friendly and easy to deal with. I'd recommend her as a buyer any day :)
    3. I just completed a commission for Dragonffyre and the transaction couldn't have gone more beautifully. Super-fast payment and prompt, friendly communications. Dragonffyre is a joy to deal with all around!!
    4. Dragonffyre bought some clothes off me, she's been great to deal with! Thank you!
    5. Dragonffyre bought a YoSD top from me. She was lovely to deal with, and completely understanding when the first package got lost in the mail. Thank you!
    6. Dragonffyre participated in my eighth Fairyland group order and was a pleasure to deal with. Communication from their end was well kept and payments were sent in a timely fashion. I have no complaints to leave and would gladly work with them again~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in this group order! :pcake:bcake
    7. Dragonffyre bought some Dollmore eyes from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Her payment was fast and communication excellent. I can highly recommend her as a buyer and would happly deal with her again in a heartbeat ^^ Thanks