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Dragonflies Glitter Feedback

Jun 28, 2008

    1. Hi,
      If I purchase some items from you - could you please leave feedback for me - REALLY new to all of this but now addicted to BJD's!!!! :fangirl:
    2. Sold some eyes to Dragonflies Glitter. Quick payment and smooth transaction. :)
    3. Draggonglitterflies was a wonderful buyer and I'm so happy she will take good care of the puki pipi she adopted from me.
      Thanks again!
    4. I've sold several dolls to Dragonflies Glitter (including her first) she's a very reliable buyer and I highly recommend her to anyone adopting out a dolly, they will be going to a very good home :aheartbea
    5. Dragonflies Glitter is just about the sweetest person I've encountered on DoA. I have nothing but respect, happiness, and trust toward her over our recent transaction.
      She purchased MANY things from me, it was my first ever time sending something overseas, and she couldn't have been nicer or more patient while I was getting everything figured out. Excellent communication, an extremely friendly and pleasant person to deal with, let me know as soon as the package arrived--this went so smoothly, and I am extremely grateful for it. Thank you very much!
    6. I sold some puki parts to Dragonflies Glitter, she was really lovely and sweet to deal with. She communicated really well, paid really fast and kindly let me know one the items were received.

      Thank you very much, I would not hesitate to deal with Dragonflies Glitter again.
    7. I sold Puki to Dragonflies Glitter. The transaction was perfect. Friendly emails, fast payment. A pleasure meeting Dragonflies! Highly recommend!
    8. I sold some Puki clothes to Dragonflies Glitter. The transaction was perfect in every way! I can heartily recommend her!